Blindfold Sex Rocks!

I want to tell you about a sex toy that works — I mean, REALLY works!

And I guarantee you’ve already got one in your house.

I’m talking about a blindfold.

Seriously, it can help you drive your woman absolutely INSANE with ground-shaking orgasms. She’ll feel like she’s plugged into a wall socket.

Every sensory cell in her body will be on high alert — primed and waiting to be touched, caressed, kissed, licked, pinched, nibbled on, and penetrated by you…

And every sudden, unexpected touch will send sexual shockwaves through her body like an unstoppable tsunami. Here’s why:

When she can’t see what’s about to happen, her imagination takes over. She becomes hyper-aware, hyper-sensitive…and hyper-sexual!

And all you need is a scarf, a necktie, or pretty much any piece of cloth.

BUT, I must warn you…

Don’t just dive into blindfolded sex… until you’ve agreed on a couple of ground rules up-front:

  1. She needs to feel safe. After all, she’s putting her complete trust in your hands. So, you’ve gotta reassure her that if she doesn’t like it, you’ll stop.

  2. The first time you try it, keep it at least somewhat familiar. Save your freaky fantasies until she’s totally comfortable with the blindfold.

Seriously, it can help you drive your woman absolutely INSANE with ground-shaking orgasms.


Okay, let’s begin…

Once you’ve got her blindfolded… start with something you know she likes. This can be soft kiss, or maybe a little ear or neck nibbling. The point is to help her relax….

But don’t confuse this with being predictable.

If you always start at Point A, then move to Point B, and finish off with Point C, change it up! You want to surprise her, keep her off guard — make her frantic with anticipation.

So, after that first kiss or nibble, surprise her with an unexpected move: Reach down and lightly drag your fingernails up her inner thigh, from her knee ALMOST to her pussy lips.

She’ll feel like her sexual circuits have suddenly been overloaded.

Then, while she’s reeling from this overload, touch her mound gently so she’ll think you’re clitward-bound… then quickly divert your attention elsewhere.

Move randomly from one hotspot to another, caressing, stroking, licking, and kissing every one.

And every so often, back off and leave her waiting for a few seconds. It’ll drive her nuts, wondering what’s next.

Think of it as creating an orgasm brew: You’re stirring up all her hot spots and gradually bringing them all to a boil.

And once you have her BEGGING to cum… use your mouth, fingers, or cock to give her that monster orgasm she’s been starving for.

ADVANCED TIP: Try all of this while she’s standing up!

For one thing, you’ll have access to those erogenous areas on her backside — behind her knee, on her back, around her shoulders and neck, and just above her ass cheeks. (Maybe she’ll even let you surprise her with a little ass-play.)

And when you remove her from the familiar comfort of the soft bed… her senses will be even MORE cranked up. When she cums, she’ll feel so satisfied and drained…

For once, SHE might be the one to pass out after sex!

Now, before I go, let me address a question that may have popped up in your mind…

What if she wants to blindfold you?

All I can say is keep an open mind — and let yourself go, man! You’re gonna love it as much as she did. Think about it…

You know that rush you feel when you know she’s about to put her mouth on your cock?

Your breath quickens, your brain is exploding with feel-good hormones. Your entire body is shivering from head to toe with anticipation

Well, it’s TWICE as intense when you’re blindfolded, dude!

So, what are you waiting for? You really need to try this at home — tonight. I guarantee you, it’ll blow you away.

Then use the “Comments” link to tell me how much you both enjoyed it. Or if you’ve got some of your own favorite kinky pleasures, feel free to tell me about them.

And btw: It’s not just fun for the one who’s blindfolded — being in control is a huge turn-on, too. Sexual arousal is contagious!

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