My Time in Porn

Hey Guys,

My name is John Lawrence and as you may or may not know, I used to be an adult film actor… a porn star.

And let me tell you, the sex was incredible!

Just think about it, if watching porn is a turn on… imagine what living it must be like.

The women were world class: physically perfect and deliciously sexual. They stimulated the senses in ways that I cannot even begin to describe.

There was this one amazing adult actress in particular who had us all wrapped around her little finger. And on a shoot one evening early in my career she took me aside and showed me how to savage her taut body in ways that I still dream about today.

And the producers loved me. I was a big hit from the get go. It was powerful, like a strong addiction.

The celebrities, the all-night after parties, getting into any exclusive night club we wanted, dining at 5 star restaurants every night, and all the high powered craziness that goes with a successful lifestyle in the Hollywood sex industry.

I was quickly swept away in the whirlwind of passion and excitement.

I worked with stars like Jenna J. and Ron Jeremy, Peter North, and the King of Stamina himself, Marcus London. And I was beating the odds in Los Angeles, center of the entertainment world where everyone comes to make it big… yet very few do.

But to be honest, it couldn’t last.

The job is more difficult than you know… and the lifestyle takes its toll on your health. I’m not sure why it happened… but it did… and after about fifty films I took a turn for the worse. By seventy films I was in a full blown free fall of unhappiness and unhealthiness.

And while you may have trouble believing me I am a very private man. I refused to let my personal life affect my professional work. And I did not like to open up about what was happening to my friends, family, or others in the industry. So there was always a great deal going on that I wasn’t sharing. Some nights I would lay awake wondering where I was going and what I wanted to do with my life.

Was this it? Had I reached the peak? And if so, why wasn’t I happier?

Why did I constantly feel like I was meant for something more… something greater than what I was doing?

And to make matters worse, all my male friends thought my life must be perfect and constantly built me up as this sex industry icon that they bragged about. Women wanted to sleep with me. But no one understood what I was going through.

Everyone thought I was so humble but I was really just keeping it all inside.

And the stress and fatigue eventually built up to the point where it impacted my work. I started having trouble getting into the mindset where I could perform up to professional porn standards. I no longer took much pleasure in the sex. It was just work, scene after scene after scene.

Then one day at work I couldn’t get an erection, not even a hint of one. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get hard. I pretended I was sick and took the week off. I took a short vacation but it didn’t help. No matter how far I went I couldn’t escape my own head.

So when I came back to work I turned to the supplements and tried all of the products on the market.

And while I was able to temporarily fix my performance issues, I often felt even worse afterwards. The drugs made me feel physically ill at times and the side effects sucked.

I started researching the alternatives, reading every forum available, posting questions and comments relentlessly, reading medical texts, and talking to every physician, psychologist, sex therapist, and medical specialist I had access to.

It became a sort of obsession. I knew I had a problem, and I knew there were solutions out there… but I didn’t know if any of the solutions were
right for me.

Over time I became an expert on the matter and other actors in the industry started coming to me for answers. I had a wealth of information and would
tell them what I knew… and it always made me a feel better to help them find what they were looking for.

Now if only I could do the same for myself.

I began traveling to remote parts of the world. At first it was just to get away, but something was drawing me. As I kept researching I found strange
and powerful links between traditional Eastern medicine and male enhancement.

And it was on one such journey into South East Asia that I had a powerful moment of inspiration and realized that THIS is what I was meant for. Not
the travel part, although that was wonderful, but the creation of something that could help people… help people like me who needed a different option…
a better alternative to what was out there.

So after 100 films in adult entertainment I officially retired.

And now I work diligently (as the owner and developer of PHGH) to help men of all ages overcome the very problems that I experienced so powerfully
during the last half of my career in porn.

I’ll never regret my time in the industry.

They were some of the best years of my life and made me who I am today.

But I can honestly say… this is FAR more fulfilling.

PHGH gives me a chance to truly touch lives in a way that I was missing before… to reconnect faithful husbands with their loving wives… to give
lonely men a new chance at a great and fulfilling relationships… to share all the knowledge I have gained and give good advice to those in need…
and to just do my part to make a difference in whatever way I can.

The sexual issues a man faces relating to his ability to perform are often joked about… but in all honesty these problems are not funny at all.

I know because I have suffered through them.

But there is no describing the satisfaction I felt when I successfully overcame the performance obstacles that stood in the way of a fulfilling love-life and an
amazing sexual relationship that rivals anything I did in porn.

And for me there is a wonderful sense of purpose in helping others get there as well.

So Check Out this short video on PHGH

It may change your life… like it did mine.

John Lawrence
Founder and Creator of PHGH

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My Father’s Friend: A Touching Story

eavesdropping at a cocktail party

Frank Sinatra plays lightly on the stereo to an accompaniment of laughter and small talk. You wander the dinner party looking for your wife who has disappeared, reminded of days long past, taking a glass of champagne from a passing waiter.

She must be outside in the patio somewhere.

You finish your drink and drop the empty glass off on a table… heading into the back hall to use the restroom. That’s when you hear it.

Giggling naughtily like a school girl. It’s her.

Your mind flashes to some horrible unfaithful scene. Your heart skips to an ugly place.

But wait, there’s another voice. It’s a woman -her best friend.

They are talking and laughing in the den. The door’s partway open. You can’t see but you can hear. So you move closer, keeping quiet so that they don’t hear you.

“I’m glad for you.” Your wife is telling her friend. “I wish it was that way with us.”

“How is it with you?” Her friend asks with a titter. She has clearly been drinking a great deal of champagne.

“To be honest,” You hear your wife sigh. “Not good. I love him but he can barely get it up anymore.”

“That bad huh?” The titter stops and you can just envision the comforting hand patting your wife on the leg. The crawling sensation of denial makes you want to rush in and defend yourself but you resist because you want to hear the rest. “What are you going to do?”

“What else can I do, I try to keep his confidence up… and I fake it.”

There is a light gasp from her friend. You realize your own mouth is open. “You fake it? He doesn’t realize?”

“I don’t know… I don’t think so. He’s so wrapped up in pretending it isn’t happening but he hasn’t lasted long enough to give me an orgasm for months. I don’t want to leave but I’m not sure I can take much more of this.”

Unable to take any more, you stop listening.


My name is John Lawrence, creator of PHGH. And about six months ago this happened to someone I know, a friend of my father’s, an older gentleman in his early 70’s who does not like to open up about anything even remotely resembling a feeling, let alone to me… so you can imagine my complete surprise when he approached me with this story and asked for advice on how to handle the situation.

Now you have to understand this man is a war veteran who served his nation in two tours of active combat, he’s a distinguished business owner, a well known corporate consultant, and a pillar of the community who has been married for decades and raised three amazing kids who are all now prospering young men and women.

In fact it was only a few weeks before that I was attending his fiftieth anniversary party and remarking to some others that it was incredible how well he and his wife seem to be doing and how in love they still seem.

In light of all this, opening up to me showed his willingness to put aside his pride in order to save his marriage, and after we talked for awhile I came to realize that this was not for show. He truly loved his wife more than he could say and had been unable to sleep for days thinking about the unhappiness he heard in her voice at that party.

He was finally willing to admit the problem and wanted to find a solution.

I really felt his plight.

And to tell you what I told him… You’re not alone. Don’t feel isolated or that you have to bear this weight on your own.

I gave him all the statistics, like the fact that 30 million Americans suffer from ED, and over half of all men over the age of 60 will deal with some sexual issues. And I told him that there are a number of ways to combat what is happening to him.

I sat down and explained in great detail all the options, the pills, the supplements, PHGH, the ways he could enhance the effects of whatever product he decided to try, the importance of good health, strong habits, working out and staying in shape, the keys to maintaining proper testosterone levels, the tips for maintaining strong romance, and all of the other facets of male health that he should consider.

I was very careful not to push him towards any male enhancement in particular because this was not about getting him to try my product in any way, but about teaching him everything he needed to know to make his own informed decision.

And at the end I told him to go home, do some independent research, read the reviews (but to be careful about believing negative reviews from companies selling their own products), and talk it all over with his wife because I believe that trust and honesty are integral functions in any good relationship.

Well a few days went by and I didn’t hear back from him so I assumed he went in another direction. And then I got an email asking if I would meet him and his wife for lunch. When I got there, they were both sitting there, hand in hand, looking a bit fidgety like two school kids doing something new… excited and nervous all at the same time. And they both had that gleam in their eyes, that passionate togetherness that no money can buy.

It made me smile, and I quickly put them both at ease.

Suffice to say that their relationship is doing fine. “Better than ever,” in her words.

I meet with them for lunch every couple weeks to check in on everything and we all chat in a way I would never have thought possible before he opened up to me. The PHGH is doing wonders for their sex life. Instead of venting to her best friend, his wife now gloats about how amazing their affections have become again and how she can’t get enough of this new man who seems to have limitless energy when it comes to amorous activities. And every time lunch is over and we are all about to go our separate ways, as she is leaning over to give me a short hug goodbye, she whispers “Thank you.”

And last week I got a text from his wife that said they were at a party and he was telling all his friends about what he had gone through and how he overcame it with my help.

Pretty remarkable turnaround, and a story I felt I just had to share with all of you.

John Lawrence

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John Lawrence