How many calories do you burn during sex?


Today I thought I’d send you another quick sex quiz. And I think the answer’s gonna surprise you.

Q: How many calories do men burn in an average sex session?

  1. 100
  2. 200
  3. 350
  4. 500

A: 100 calories. It’s true: Your best sexual performance will only burn off about 100 calories, according to researchers at the University of Quebec at Montreal.

That’s based on a guy of average weight, using missionary position sex for 30 minutes, including foreplay.

Now, sex is all about pleasure, right? But if you want ‘burning calories’ to be a side benefit of great sex, there are a few things you can do to make it more of a workout.

The obvious first thing is ENDURANCE. The longer you go, the more you’ll burn. For example, if you last just 15 minutes, you’ll only burn about 75 calories. But if you’re into marathon sex, you can expect to easily beat that 100 calorie mark.

And the position you choose can make a huge difference. For example, switching from missionary to reverse cowgirl cuts your calorie burn-off to a measly 56 calories!

But if you like your sex standing up: you’ll use 112 calories!


You’ll burn a lot more calories using a standing position instead of something like missionary or reverse cowgirl.

It’s pretty simple: You’ll burn more calories using standing, squatting, or bending positions than you will lying on your back, or resting most of your weight on top of your woman.

Now, if you REALLY want a workout, choose a position where you’ve gotta either move or lift all or most of her weight. For instance, stand by the edge of the bed, then have her lie on her back and raise her legs onto your shoulders.

But instead of using your basic pelvic thrusting, take her hips in your hands. Then lift her hips and pull her onto you, moving her back and forth. You’ll get a great upper-body workout. In fact, you might have to alternate pumping with sliding, because this is harder than it sounds.

If you’ve got great upper body strength, try the one that always looks so easy in the movies (but really makes sex a workout):

Standing, with her legs are wrapped around you while you support all her weight. That one’ll burn some calories! It’s okay to use the wall to support her back if you need to.

And whenever I get the chance, I love to screw in the water on a secluded beach (if I’ve brought a good lubricant that won’t wash off in the water). You get the thrill of semi-public sex, but it’s also a hell of a workout trying to maintain your balance, even in gentle waves.

Now, your level of ‘enthusiasm’ also determines how many calories you shed.

If your preferred pace is a slow and gentle ‘love me tender,’ you’ll use up less than 75 calories. But if you’re more of a ‘drill master,’ you’ll easily hit 100.

Here’s one last thing, which may or may not surprise you: The more you weigh, the more calories you’ll burn.

That’s right, if you’re in good shape and on the slim side, a round of intense, pull-out-all-the-stops sex isn’t much of a workout at all — and burns less than 80 calories.

But if you need to lose some poundage, try for a 30-minute, standing, full-speed-ahead sex workout — you’ll burn off an amazing 160 calories!

You know that I always stress the importance of having a healthy body so you can have a kick-ass sex life. Well, you can flip that around — and let incredible sex help you have a healthier and more fit body.

Please do me a favor and post your comments below. Do you like to make sex a workout? Or do you prefer the gain without the pain? Tell me what you think.


Advanced Oral Sex Techniques

The whole foundation of this blog — and, in fact, the cornerstone of my work — was built around one central idea:

It’s not only possible, but it’s absolutely essential to improve your sexual performance…to get better at sex.

I operate on the premise that there are indeed higher levels of sex…and that men who take it seriously can learn new skills (at any age) and reach those advanced levels.

I know the following to be true…

→ By learning proven techniques you can create deeper, more intense, more pleasurable, and more explosive orgasms in women.

→ By mastering complex and advanced positions you can target & stimulate female “pleasure zones” that neither of you may even have been aware of.

→ By using stamina “tricks” you can increase your endurance and perform for marathon sexual sessions.

→ By supplementing your diet with potent herbs & roots (such as those used in the formula for PHGH), you can strengthen the hardness, size, and thickness of your erections to penetrate her deeper and more completely than she’s ever experienced.

And I know these techniques are effective because I hear from men everyday who have studied them, practiced them, and successfully put them to use.

These men have indeed become better at sex, and their wives & girlfriends have been exposed to new kinds of orgasms they’d previously never felt during sexual penetration.

That brings me to the reason I’m writing today…

No matter how advanced you become at sexual penetration — which does offer the most intense and arguably the most addictive kinds of orgasms for women — one must never forget the importance of another kind of female stimulation: cunnilingus, or oral sex.

Why is it so important? A quick look at the data gives you some crucial insight:

  • According the Kinsey Institute: 70-80% of women have trouble reaching orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone.
  • In The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior (1993): 18% of women report a preference for oral sex to achieve orgasm.
  • A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (Vol. 7) indicates that: “women are more likely to orgasm when they engage in a variety of sex acts and when oral sex is included.”

Now, keep in mind that many men fail to take their sexual performance seriously…and I’d argue that my students are far above those averages when it comes to making their women climax during sex.

However, this topic is something I’ve decided to address in detail because there are, in fact, advanced techniques for performing oral sex just as there are for penetrative sex.

And up until now, it’s something I’ve wrongfully neglected.

Well, this article will correct that mistake for the record…and now I’m excited to bring you:


1. Detailed “how-to” diagrams for three unique oral sex techniques

2. Two illustrated charts with manual stimulation (fingering) techniques

3. A new “Advanced Sex Position” designed specifically for oral sex [fully illustrated]

4. The biology behind the various cunnilingus-driven female orgasms

5. Specific, step-by-step instructions on motion, tempo, & intensity

Let’s get started…

What’s going to surprise you is that the first step to Advanced Oral Sex Mastery doesn’t involve your mouth at all…in fact, it’s a fingering technique that’s designed specifically to arouse her for oral sex.

During your late-phase foreplay — when she’s fully undressed — you’re going begin moving from her breasts to her stomach with your mouth, kissing her intensely and creating anticipation for what’s next. She’ll think you’re going to start right in with the cunnilingus…and that’s the whole idea! But when you arrive at her vagina, you’re going to stop the kissing and do some work with your hands.

ElectricSlideFingering Technique #1:
The Electric Slide (Fig. A)

Here, I’d like you to refer to Figure A. Once you’re sure she’s very wet from the foreplay, you’re going to reach down with your dominant hand. Grab the outer lips of her vagina, her Labia majora, between your thumb and your forefinger. Using her natural lubrication, squeeze the lip between your fingers — gently at first, then with more pressure — and slide up and down. Do this on both sides of the vagina, and also try it on her inner lips, her Labia minora.

Eventually you’ll be doing this motion, slowly, on both sides at the same time. Most likely she’s never had anyone do this before, so this motion may surprise her at first…but very quickly she’ll realize what she’s been missing. “The Electric Slide” will send bolts of pleasure through the nerve endings at the tips of her labia, and she’ll want you to keep sliding and sliding…

FullShammyFingering Technique #2:
The Full Shammy (Fig. B)

Right now, refer to Figure B and take a moment to get your dominant hand into that shape. Extend your middle & ring fingers, pull back your forefinger, and tilt your pinky downwards. As you get this hand ready, reach around with your other hand and firmly hold onto her ass (OR, reach up and tweak one of her nipples). 

Then, insert your middle & ring fingers into her vagina and position your thumb right on her clitoris. Begin thrusting gently. As you thrust, pull your two fingers back toward you in a “come here” motion. You’ll feel the inside wall of her vagina and you’ll be hitting her G-Spot. Rub circles on her clitoris with your thumb while you do this. Finally, aim your pinky finger for her anus…and if she’s into it, gently start probing it.

When “The Full Shammy” is fully executed, you’re hitting three of the major pleasure zones at once: the clitoris, the G-Spot, and the anus. It’s this layering effect that produces the most intense female orgasms.

Now she’s finally ready to get some oral sex.

Here, then are my Top 3 Oral Sex Techniques, the best patterns of tongue movement during cunnilingus.

Sidewinder1) The Sidewinder (Fig. C)

This is a great starting technique because it allows you to move fast yet gentle. If you “attack” with too much pressure right away, many women can become overstimulated to the point where it’s almost uncomfortable for them (the clitoris has over 6,000 nerve endings!). So, when you approach her vagina, the 1st oral step should be a delicate side-to-side motion, as in (Fig. C).

You’re going to focus on her clitoris, but again, the key is very light pressure. You can flick your tongue side to side rather quickly…especially if you keep the range of motion small One of the principal rules of performing oral sex is that rhythm matters. Pick a tempo and stick with it — keep it light, fast, and steady. You’ll feel her body shift suddenly to a more intense state…her legs will stiffen, her breathing will become faster, and she’ll start lubricating even more. This means she’s relaxed enough to let a full orgasm wash over her…but there are a couple more steps before you’ll allow her to get there.

CircleOfEcstasy2) The Circle of Ecstasy (Fig. D)

Essentially, as you can see in the diagram, this is a technique of rotation. You can choose to move in either a clockwise or a counter-clockwise motion — whatever is more comfortable for you. Transition from “The Sidewinder” by staying on the clitoris, but intensify the pressure slightly. Flick the clitoris with your tongue and apply a gentle suction.

Then, begin the circular movement of your tongue. At first, locate it directly over the clitoris…but then start to expand outward, making bigger and bigger circles. Move your mouth down toward the lower part of the vagina, and continue the circular pattern over different areas. Again, try to keep the rhythm consistent…women need a constant speed so they can focus on their orgasm. Changing tempo when they’re approaching orgasm can completely throw them off course — and when this happens, they have to “start over.” Escalate the pressure and increase the speed very gradually as you feel her getting closer to orgasm.

SwedishMethod3) The Swedish Method (Fig. E)

[The Swedish Method? Let me explain. Many years ago I dated a girl from Stockholm named Astrid…she loved oral sex almost more than any other woman I’ve ever known. It was with her that I developed this whole series of techniques in sequence and I thought it was a fitting name for this closing move.]

Start with your tongue at the top of her vagina, right on the clitoris. Then, as you see in Fig. E, lick downward all the way to the bottom — a very long, slow stroke — and right back up to the top again…and repeat. Use a steady and slow rhythm, and apply quite of bit of pressure (depending on her sensitivity). You’ll feel tempted to “shorten” the  motion, but resist that urge and make sure every stroke goes the full length from the clit all the way down, almost to the anus. [NOTE: If it feels right, go all the way TO the anus.]

As you become more confident with this pattern, start experimenting: suck on the clitoris, penetrate into her labia with your tongue while keeping the up & down motion going.

When you feel that she’s very close to orgasm, this is where you bring your fingers back into play. Focus on her clitoris with your mouth, and use your dominant hand to create the shape in (Fig. F)…it’s very simple and it’s designed to penetrate. She’ll be literally soaking wet by now and if you’ve done everything right, your fingers will slide in effortlessly. Start thrusting and pull back on your fingers to hit her G-Spot again. Keep your tongue in motion on her clit, and sync the thrusts of your hand with the tempo of your tongue.

At this point, she’s getting the “layered effect” in full force: clitoral, G-Spot, labia sensation, and anal stimulation. The key is, keep your tempo consistent & steady and DON’T STOP. She will reach an explosive, body-shaking orgasm at this point…the only question is: how many orgasms will she have?

Finally, I’ve promised you a new sex position and it’s the final detail to this comprehensive system of Advanced Oral Sex.

One of the biggest obstacles to performing the kind of long-form oral sex techniques I’ve outlined in this system is this:

It’s often very hard to get into a comfortable position that doesn’t put tremendous strain on your neck while you’re performing oral sex…especially for the longer periods of time it takes to get through all the phases in this advanced system.

That’s why I’ve come up with this unique position for oral sex…I’m calling it: THE WORKMAN’S BENCH.

Why? Because this position allows you to sit down, get comfortable, and just go to work on her vagina for an extended period of time without straining your neck.

Take a look at the diagram…it’s fairly self-explanatory but I think you’ll agree this position puts you in the perfect spot to really try all the techniques I’ve outlined in this system.WorkmansBench

“The Workman’s Bench” can be the kitchen table, a desk, a counter-top…anywhere she can sit down and you can pull up a chair and just get to work! In fact, if your bed is elevated — as most are — she can sit on the edge of the bed and you can sit on the floor with your legs underneath…or perhaps use a pillow to elevate yourself to the correct level.

Use your hands to hold onto her ass at first, but ultimately I’ve found that most women will end up wrapping their legs around you at some point. As long as you can breathe, you’ll be able to enjoy the session…and your neck won’t be warped for weeks afterwards.

The rewards of putting in this kind of “work” with your girl are never-ending.

First of all, you get to experience her having a truly body-moving, mind-blowing, overwhelming orgasm…at least once, and most likely more than once, as woman are highly multi-orgasmic during oral sex.

And additionally, she’s likely to be so grateful for the experience you’ve given her that she’ll repay the favor.

Great sex is its own reward, as you know…and this “Multi-Layered” System of Advanced Oral Sex can honestly take your sexual relationship to a deeper level.

I thank you for you time and hope you’ve enjoyed this report.

As always, please leave me a comment on this blog below to let me know what you think after you’ve actually put these techniques to use. You can also email me at and I’ll do my best to reply directly to each of your messages.

Write me with questions about this or any other of my Advanced Sex Positions, write me with concerns you may be having in your sex life or relationship, questions about PHGH or any of my other premium male enhancement supplements, or really just write to me about anything you want to discuss.

For Your Health,

John Lawrence

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The Real Sex Lives of Cavemen (and Cavewomen!)

0909-cavewoman_atHistory truly inspires me.

From Ancient Rome to World War II to the Middle Ages…there are amazing stories and lessons to be learned from every era.

Recently, I saw a powerful documentary called “Cave of Forgotten Dreams.” It’s all about the discovery of some of the oldest cave paintings known to man at the Chauvet Cave in southern France.

It got me to thinking about the way prehistoric humans really lived: what they ate, their natural medicines, their rituals…and how they had sex.

So, after the movie was over, I did some more research into ancient cave paintings. It turns out these works of art actually tell us more about the real lives of cavemen than any old bones or artifacts.

I kept digging until I found what I was looking for: a prehistoric cave drawing depicting the sexual behavior of Paleolithic men and women.

This Paleolithic cave drawing depicts a rear-entry sex position and illustrates the importance of great sex in ancient cultures.

This Paleolithic cave drawing depicts a rear-entry sex position and illustrates the importance of great sex in ancient cultures.

And here it is…

This painting was discovered in the mid-1990’s at the Magura Cave in Bulgaria. As you can see, the male penis in the image is clearly erect and rather large. This represents the tremendous importance of male virility in this ancient culture. In MOST hunter-gatherer societies, in fact, humans were very open and natural about sex.

In the picture, the man approaches the female from behind, both of them standing. This illustrates a crucial point that anthropologists have proven about prehistoric sex…

…it was almost ALWAYS Doggystyle.

Or, actually…some kind of variation on Doggystyle such as the standing rear-entry position seen in the cave drawing above.


The bonobo, our closest relative, is the only other animal that has sex face to face besides humans.

The bonobo, our closest relative, is the only other animal that has sex face to face besides humans.

Every other mammal on Earth – with the exception of the bonobo, our closest relative – only has sex in the Doggystyle position. Researchers believe that human beings also only had Doggystyle sex until very recently. The face-to-face (or Missionary position) evolved about 80,000 years ago as a way for men & women to develop a deeper emotional connection…which was useful for raising children.

The standing rear-entry position was also useful 35,000 years ago because it allowed men & women to have sex almost anywhere: in the forest up against a tree or at the lake on rough terrain. Paleolithic humans, of course, didn’t have comfortable bedding to lay down on…so it was often preferable to have sex standing up.

I realized that there was something almost primal or animalistic in the fact that Doggystyle is the original sex position. It’s certainly the favorite among most modern women and that’s because they’re the most orgasmic in rear-entry sex.

I decided to put together a sequence of Doggystyle variations designed to bring out the inner beast in both you and your woman. I call this position “The CAVEMAN”…what else?
CavemanFigure1Take a close look at Figure A above. All kinds of sexual possibilities open up with this position. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that this position can be used anywhere:

  • in a public bathroom stall 
  • in an airplane 
  • in the kitchen 
  • in the office supply room 
  • in the woods on a hike (just like our ancient ancestors used to do.)

Now, not all women are sexually submissive and the ones who do like it don’t want it every time. But most women LOVE to be taken from behind…they love to be overtaken with sexual authority. On a deeper level, it pulls them back to their instincts. And that’s right where you want them if your goal is to absolutely blow her mind sexually.

As Figure A indicates, you’ve got your hands free to explore her body. You can still kiss her in this position and you can definitely talk dirty to her, right into her ears.

When you’ve got her really warmed up in this position, the next step is to move her into an even more advanced Doggystyle variation. Take a look at Figure B…

CavemanFigure2To get her into this power position, grab both of her arms by the wrists and gently pull them back toward you. At the same time, thrust deeper upwards…this will naturally bend her forward so that her head is tilting downwards.

If you can, hold onto both of her wrists with one hand. This will free up your other hand to reach into her hair at the base of her neck. Intertwine your fingers and gently pull her head back. She’s overpowered and dominated…and for this sexual session, she’s totally out of control and in your power.

“The CAVEMAN” can bring out her sexual instincts in a way she may never have experienced before. Let her express her wildest desires, even if that means she’s screaming at the top of her lungs and begging you to penetrate deeper & deeper, harder & harder.

History…without it we have no identity. One of my priorities with PHGH has always been to connect to the plant medicines that ancient cultures have used for ages to enhance sexuality. These roots and herbs reflect cultures where sex is a natural and healthy part of life in a way that seems foreign to us Westerners. These positions allow you to explore deeper levels of sexual fulfillment.

Use this position and the others posted here in the Tips category of this blog.

Then, write me at to tell me how they work for you and your cavewoman!

And last but not least, keep you supply of PHGH stocked up and on-hand to make sure you’re at the maximum hardness & size needed to accomplish these challenging yet rewarding positions! Click HERE to order more or to get more information on my signature product.

For you health,

John Lawrence

PHGH: The Formula & How It Works

I’ve always believed that knowledge is power.  With that in mind, I wanted to share with you the real proof behind the ingredients in the formula for PHGH.

PHGH works to give you harder, thicker, and stronger erections by using ingredients which do one of three things:

• stimulate key hormones for male arousal (such as testosterone)
• increase the flow of blood to your penis
• boost your libido, or sex drive

There have been hundreds of different ingredients which people have claimed to work, but really only a dozen or so which have been proven to work. PHGH contains only these proven ingredients, the ones backed up by scientific studies clearly proving they make you harder, bigger, and have an increased sex drive. (You can see the complete studies by clicking on the links in this article.)

Here’s how each ingredient used in the formula for PHGH works in your body…


Tongkat Ali has been used by men in Southeast Asia for centuries to give them consistent, rock-hard erections and to maximize their sex drive. The most potent form of this mysterious root grows only in North Sumatra, Indonesia…and this is exactly where I get my supply. It’s known to the Batak tribesmen who harvest the root as Pasak Bumi. These tribesmen harvest the Tongkat root of mature trees in the traditional way to guarantee freshness as well as maximum potency. The extraction process, as well, is done the same way it’s been done for hundreds of years.

Modern science has shown us the reason this root is such a powerful natural enhancer. The active compounds in Tongkat stimulate your body’s production of testosterone in the Leydig Cells of the testes. Testosterone, the most important of all sex hormones in the male body, is responsible for sending the signal to your brain to create sexual arousal. This is why the Tongkat Tribesmen have relied on it to keep them virile and potent for years and years.



Tribulus Terrestris comes from a flowering plant which grows all over the world, but the most potent variety is from India (which is where I source this ingredient for PHGH). It has a long history as a male enhancer in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine, where it is known by the name “Gokshura.” Traditionally, it was used to build sexual strength in men by repairing the tissues in the reproductive system. It was also heavily used by men practicing the Tantric sexual arts.

Recent studies have proven that Tribulus Terrestris lives up to its reputation. A study published in the International Journal of Andrology has clearly shown that T. terrestris improves erection strength as well as sexual desire in human subjects. Another study, this one in 2012 in the Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics also proves that Tribulus increases serum testosterone levels.



PHGH contains a whopping 250mg of L-Arginine, making it the backbone of the formula in many ways. Why? Because L-Arginine is the most powerful natural “vasodilator” known to man. A vasodilator is a compound that expands your blood vessels, which is exactly what you need to achieve rock-hard erections at maximum thickness and maximum strength.

You see, to get the kind of erections you had in your 20′s, you need to make sure blood is flowing through your arteries quickly to your penis. An erection is the result of blood filling up the chambers of your penis (the Corpus cavernosum). Without smooth blood-flow, you literally can’t get rock hard.

Multiple studies, including one published in European Urology in 2002, have shown that L-Arginine supplements are extrememly effective at improving Erectile Function in both healthy adult men as well as those with erectile difficulty. It’s absolutely critical to male enhancement.



Epimedium, commonly known as “Horny Goat Weed,” was used centuries ago by acient Chinese emperors to boost their male power and give them the libido and sexual stamina needed to produce hordes of children. More recently, the inventors of the “little blue pill” had difficulty patenting their product because it was so similar to the natural compounds found in Epimedium.

Epimedium works by boosting the amount of nitric oxide in your bloodstream, which expands the blood vessels in your penis to allow more blood in. A placebo-controlled trial published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (Jan. 2013) examined the effects of Epimedium on penile tissue. Subjects who took Epimedium showed significant improvements over the placebo group when it came to rigidity, hardness, and thickness of erection.

I’ve carefully developed my relationship with traditional Chinese herbalists in Beijing to guarantee my formula for PHGH contains only the highest quality Epimedium. I do this for every ingredient, and the reason is simple: higher quality ingredients make more effective supplements.



From high in the Andes mountains of Peru comes one of the most legendary and effective male enhancement ingredients known to modern man. In the Lake Junin of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the root is used to this very day as a medicinal herb and a crucial male aphrodisiac. Inca warriors took large volumes of Maca daily to fuel their strength in battle as well as to fuel their virility and masculinity.

Modern research has shown us Maca, in fact, has a direct and siginificant impact on male sexuality. A 2001 study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology shows us why: Maca increases your volume of semen, sperm count, and sperm mobility. This may have been why the ancient Incas favored Maca so strongly, as it directly increases male virility.

Every batch of PHGH uses Maca Root sourced directly from its native region in Peru, where it still retains its quality and potency to increase sex drive as well as “load size.”



DHEA, short for didehydroepiandrosterone, is one of the most important steroid hormones in human males. It’s produced in your testes and in your brain and it’s critical for your sexual function. The formula for PHGH contains the minimum dosage of this compound, 25mgs, because it’s been shown to be so effective as a male enhancement supplement.

The way DHEA works is by helping your body synthesize testosterone in your bloodstream. Testosterone, as you know by know, is the key hormone which separates men from women…it’s responsible for every male trait: increased muscle mass, facial hair, and the development of male sex organs (your testes and penis). A testosterone shortage is usually what’s behind low sex drive and difficulty getting & maintaining strong erections.

With DHEA supplementation, your body can process this crucial hormone into the physical systems you need operating at full power: libido, blood-flow, and reproductive (your penis itself). Higher testosterone = harder erections, that’s the bottom line.



The native people of Brazil have used the bark of a rainforest tree in a powerful herbal remedy they call Catuaba, which literally means: “what gives strength to the Indian.” Traditionally, they would infuse a liquid with this exotic bark to create a natural aphrodisiac and mental stimulant.

Today, I still go to the Amazon rainforest to source this key ingredient in PHGH. We extract the active compounds from the bark at a local facility to maximize freshness. In fact, my supplier in Brazil deals directly with local Indians for both Catuaba and Muira Puama.

Catuaba bark works by stimulating the mental components of sex drive. This is critical to getting the kind of erections you had in your 20′s (or even younger) because your degree of hardness, size, and thickness all depends on how turned-on you are. To maximize size and hardness, your brain must be sending a powerful chemical signal to where it counts.



Muira Puama is a flowering plant that grows in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil.The name actually means “potency wood” in the native language due to its use as a natural remedy to increase male size and erection strength. The bark of this plant has been used in traditional medicine by the native people of the Rio Negro area of South America for centuries.

The power of Muira Puama comes from its action as a stimulant to the male libido, or sex drive. The active compounds & alkaloids in Muira Puama stimulate key hormones produced in your reproductive system and in your brain. These hormones send the chemical signal to your penis to engage the system for erection. Without a strong sex drive, your erections can never be fully hard or thick.

My philosophy has always been this: if it’s worked for men since ancient times, it’ll work for the men of today as well.



The species Ginkgo biloba grows in the wild in parts of southern China, and this region is where I go for my supply of this potent leaf. The Chinese have used this herb to improve male sexual performance since the ancient Dynasties.

The flavonoids in Ginkgo work to relax your blood vessels and to speed your circulation of blood. As you know, the fast flow of blood to you penis is crucial to achieving a rock-hard erection as soon as you’re aroused. If your blood vessels are resticted or your blood is not flowing quickly, the blood won’t get to your penis fast enough for you to get hard when you need it most.

Ginkgo is also used in many herbal remedies for psychological issues, such as when your mental energy is low or you’re feeling generally less relaxed or optimistic as usual. In this way, Ginkgo also helps to deal with the mental component of sexual performance by helping to relax your mind enough for amazing sex.



L-Carnitine is another important natural compound found in many food sources but often deficient in the modern diet. It’s a huge part of the formula for PHGH because recent research has discovered a real link between L-Carnitine supplementation and improved erection strength and male sexual performance.

An April 2004 study published in Urology showed that L-Carnitine improved the erectile function of older men without producing any negative side effects. Another major study published in Fertility & Sterility (Sept. 2005) showed that L-Carnitine also improves sperm motility and it actually increases your volume of semen.

Why is this important? Two reasons. First, a higher volume of semen actually results in a more pleasurable orgasm for you. Secondly, studies have shown that women associate bigger “load sizes” with increased masculinity along with a more heightened female sexual arousal.


10 proven ingredients, all working together simultaneously to maximize sex drive, arousal, stamina, recovery times, and of course…strength, thickness, hardness, and size of your erection.  This is what it takes for great sex, and these natural ingredients can help you get there.

I encourage you to check out the studies linked here in the article.  And, if you want more information about PHGH or to see the order options, please click HERE.

PHGH is coming up on 100,000 customers, and I’d like to thank you all for being a part of this!


John Lawrence

The Female Orgasm Decoded

Few things are as mysterious or as fascinating as the elusive female orgasm.

It can all be summed up by the question: “Is she faking it?” I’ll be the first to admit that with some women it can be difficult to know for sure…and nothing is more frustrating than having to ask, “Was it good for you?”

The reason female orgasms are so complicated has to do with the fact that there’s not just one but several different types. What makes it even trickier is the fact that every woman has very different (and very unique ways) of reaching her climax.

That’s why I’ve decided to go over the specific kinds of female orgasms in this article. I’ll also give you some tips on how to “read” your girl’s body for signs to help you maximize her orgasmic potential.

Most importantly, I’m including a top-level technique which works on almost every woman to guarantee they reach an explosive orgasmeven if they’ve never had one before! You’ll find an exclusive chart below illustrating the step-by-step process in my technique.

If you take a look at some recent statistics, you’ll see why this is a big deal…

  • As many as 80% of women can’t reach orgasm from just intercourse
    - Planned Parenthood
  • Roughly 40% of women are dissatisfied with their frequency of orgasm
    - Kinsey Report
  • 1 out of every 3 women have trouble reaching orgasm with a partner
    - Brown University

4 Female OrgasmsThere are actually four unique kinds of female orgasms, and I’d like to go into some detail about each one.

1) Clitoral Orgasm
This is the most common and the easiest for a woman to achieve. When young women first start exploring their own bodies, this is the kind of orgasm they experience.

Clitoral orgasms are achieved through direct stimulation of the clitoris…whether it’s through oral sex, fingering, or by grinding your pelvis against the clit during sex (which is why the Girl-On-Top position is so effective at creating this kind of orgasm).

The clitoris is extremely sensitive…in fact, it has 8,000 nerve endings! That’s why you’ve got to approach it slow & gentle at first, and gradually increase your speed and intensity. The clit also tends to swell and change positions when she’s highly aroused. The key is, when you’ve found a pattern & a speed you know is working…just stick to it, and you’ll take her to completion.

The G-Spot is named after the man who discovered it: Ernst Grafenberg.

The G-Spot is named after the man who discovered it: Ernst Grafenberg.

2) G-Spot Orgasm
The G-Spot was discovered by German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg in the late 1940′s, and it changed the way we think about the female orgasm.

Over the years, however, there has been much debate over its exact location, structure, and even its existence! The conclusion among researchers is that the G-Spot orgasm is, of course, a very real thing, but that it’s located in a slightly different place for each woman.

Based on my own experience with women, I’d tend to agree…but I’d also add that it’s really not difficult to locate your girl’s G-Spot. With your fingers, you simply reach in and scoop upwards until you feel a soft, spongy tissue.  That’s the spot, and you’ll know when you’ve hit it based on her reaction.

Most women will exhibit some of these key responses: uncontrollable shaking of the legs, tensing of the upper thighs, faster breathing, etc. The best position to create a G-Spot Orgasm is Missionary, due to the angle of penetration. (see “The Wishbone” for a powerful Missionary variation)

3) Deep Spot Orgasm
This type of orgasm is more difficult to achieve, and many women have never experienced this. That’s why it’s so important to understand how it works…because if you can give your girl her first deep spot orgasm, she’ll associate YOU with one of the most intense experiences of her life.

The Deep Spot Orgasm can only be reached through penetration, and only when she’s already at more elevated states of arousal. That’s why it typically happens during the 2nd or 3rd round of sex, when her vagina is lubricated enough to allow you to reach much closer to her cervix.

Any position from behind is best for this kind of orgasm, either regular Doggystyle or any variation (such as “The Atomic Dog”). The key is, you’ve got to be rock hard for round 2 and 3, or you’ll have no chance of giving her one.

My old friend and squirting orgasm specialist, Shawna Lenee.

My old friend and squirting orgasm specialist, Shawna Lenee.

4) Squirting Orgasm
Many of you have heard me mention this kind of orgasm before, and there’s a reason for it: the squirting orgasm is easily the most intense orgasm any woman can experience.

There’s a common myth about this kind of orgasm…that only certain women can have it. Well, I’d like to take this opportunity to say it’s absolutely NOT true. The fact is, any woman can have a squirting orgasm…if you use the right technique.

The squirting orgasm is most often the result of two other kinds of orgasms happening simultaneously: the clitoral and the G-Spot. That’s why the best way to bring her to one is through an advanced fingering technique…something I like to call “The Double Trouble.”

Here’s an exclusive diagram I developed with my long-time friend and former colleague from adult films, Shawna Lenee:

The Double Trouble
As you can see in the diagram, this technique is going to take some practice. But don’t worry…she’ll love the experience even if it doesn’t result in a squirting orgasm the first time! At the very least, you should be able to give her either a clitoral or a G-Spot orgasm independently.

Now, there are two reasons I recommend using an advanced fingering technique like this.

First, most women are used to orgasming from manual stimulation for an obvious reason…it’s how they satisfy themselves! It’s easier for women to cum from this kind of double fingering than it is from intercourse. If your girl has trouble “getting there” during sex, I’d recommend this technique right after the first round of sex to get her super wet and super excited.

And that ties into the second reason why I like using a fingering technique during sex…because it gives you a chance to recover some energy after your own first orgasm.

What I like to do is this: warm her up with some oral sex just to get things going, then go ahead and start penetrating her when I’m ready (because I get turned on from giving her oral). Then after my first orgasm, I’ll slide down and use this fingering technique to make sure she cums…and then right when she’s exploding in orgasm, I’ll get back to intercourse without delay. It’s this layered strategy that really keeps her momentum building so she has multiple and deep spot orgasms.

As you know, it’s absolutely critical for you body to be in top sexual shape in order to achieve the kind of maximum strength erections it takes to give her these kinds of higher-level orgasms.

That’s why I urge all my customers to maintain a daily regime of PHGH rather than just taking it before sex. Yes, it does kick your libido and sex systems into overdrive when you need it…but I find it’s much better to keep your body on a consistent plateau in terms of the testosterone and the other hormones you need to keep your sexual performance at its best.

Now, I want you to give “The Double Trouble” a try tonight! And then I want you to write me and tell me how this technique worked for you.

As always, be open to new ideas with sex and be adventurous…women love that in a man, and it makes for more excitement and deeper sexual connections.

Until next time,

John Lawrence

My Top 5 Tips To Increase Your Sexual Stamina

Stamina TipsOne of the questions I get asked frequently is, “How can I last longer in bed?”

This seems to be a common issue with many guys, so I’ve decided to address it here.

So, without further ado, here are five things you can do to help increase your sexual stamina…

Tip #1) Extend the foreplay

Many of the guys I’ve talked to make the mistake of skipping most or all of the foreplay before sex.  But the thing is, women count foreplay as part of the total time she spends “having sex with you.”

To them, it’s all a part of the process and a very important one at that.

So…take your time.

Kiss her body, touch her in a non-sexual way and then slowly work up to sexual touching.  In other words, escalate the interaction SLOWLY so that you don’t end up getting too excited too quickly.

When you rush to the sex, all the blood in your body concentrates in just one area…and it’s game over from there.  Stretch out the foreplay, and focus on her pleasure at first.

Tip #2) Use positions with less friction

Not all sex positions are created equal: some will cause a lot more friction down there than others.  And the more friction there is, the more stimulation…AND the more likely it is you’ll finish early.

So what you want to do is to purposely choose sex positions that will cause less friction.  A good example would be certain “girl-on-top” positions.  One of my favorite variations of “girl-on-top” is something I like to call “The Lazy-Boy” because it gives you a chance to rest momentarily and let her do some of the work.LazyBoy3One important thing to keep in mind here is that you do NOT want her riding you “up and down” – that is, sliding vertically on your penis.

What you want her to do is to swing her pelvis back and forth while riding you as this causes less length-wise friction and more width-wise friction.  When the friction is mostly width-wise at the base of your penis, it’s much easier to control when you orgasm.

Tip #3) Go deep and HOLD

Now, this is something that seems almost counter-intuitive, but it actually works.  When you focus just on penetrating her, as many guys do, you create far too much friction at the most sensitive part of your penis.

So what you want to do instead is this…

When you feel that you’re about to come, slow down.  On your next thrust, go slower & deeper than usual and HOLD there for a bit.  Use this moment to kiss her neck or caress her breasts.

The benefit of this is twofold: 1) you’re more likely to hit her G-spot when you go deeper, creating the possibility of a “G-Spot Orgasm” for her; and 2) it allows you to “dial down” the stimulation a bit so that you don’t come too quickly.

stamina tip 2Tip #4) Change positions

It’s been proven that when you stay in the same position for an extended period of time, you have a tendency to increase the tempo and intensity of your thrust – and this is what leads to losing control of WHEN you climax.

A better tactic is to start in a classic position (perhaps Missionary at first), work up a sweat until you feel like you’re about to come, and then slow down or stop until the stimulation is reduced.

Then you want to switch positions, start slow, and build up the intensity all over again.

This allows you to add variety to your sexual encounters…but more importantly, it helps you last longer by giving you a chance to delay climax while you’re switching it up.

Tip #5) Use herbal supplements

I know these tips will go a long way toward helping you last longer in bed…these are techniques I use myself, perfected during my time in the adult film industry.

But if you really want to take it to the next level and give your girl the kind of sexual experience she’ll be talking about for weeks, then you need to make sure your body is functioning physically at its peak level.  I learned years ago that taking a daily herbal supplement is the best way to keep your blood flowing, your libido high, and your stamina at maximum.

When I developed PHGH, these were the issues I addressed…and I personally take this supplement myself daily to keep my body in prime shape for great sex.

PHGH contains 5 key herbal ingredients that help you get and stay harder than you have before…and just as important, to last longer so you can give your girl incredible sexual experiences night after night.

Click HERE to order PHGH right now.

For your health,


The Mystery and The Power of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is one of the key ingredients in my unique formula for PHGH.  I’ve spent years tracking down the highest-quality Tongkat extract I could find, and I want you to know the reason why it’s such a big part of my formula.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tongkat Ali…

E. longifolia trees in the rainforest.

I use only Tongkat from its native region in SE Asia.

Eurycoma longifolia is the scientific name for this small, evergreen tree which is native to Southeast Asia.  It’s used as a traditional remedy for multiple health issues, including high blood pressure, fever, and fatigue.  But the real power of Tongkat Ali is in its use as a sexual enhancer.  It has been used by men for centuries to give them powerful erections, greater sexual stamina, and increased sexual desire.

The indigenous people of Malaysia have a legend about this potent root which explains the origins of its name.  Many generations ago, there was an elder of the tribe named Muhammad Ali (a very common name in Malaysia) who was probably in his 80′s or 90′s.  One day he went deep into the forest by himself to hunt, but he became lost in the dense jungle.

Tongkat Ali Root.

How has this root transformed the sex lives of millions of men?

On the brink of starvation, Ali desperately chewed on a branch.  Suddenly, he felt his strength return and he was able to find his way back to the village.  He carried with him the mysterious root that had given him the stamina to make it home.  Once back in the village, he discovered that this root gave him a tremendous surge of sexual desire and power.  He shared this secret with the other men of the village, and they named it Tongkat Ali…which means “Ali’s Stick.”

Although Tongkat Ali flourishes all over Southeast Asia, the roots found in Indonesia are well-known to contain the most potent compounds for sexual enhancement.  For this reason, I use only Tongkat roots from Indonesia in my formula for PHGH.

The Tongkat Tribesmen of Indonesia.

These Indonesian Tribesmen proudly display their virility and sexual potency, the result of daily Tongkat use.

Over the years, I’ve developed a close relationship with a supplier in Jakarta who works with indigenous men in three small villages in North Sumatra.  These are the men who harvest the Tongkat roots which ultimately find their way into my unique formula.

In Indonesia it’s called Pasak Bumi, which means “firmly nailed to the ground.”  The name is a reference to the fact that these roots run very deep…up to 6 1/2 feet.  This makes it difficult to harvest, but to this day the local tribesmen do the harvesting by hand to avoid damaging their sacred forests.

The concentration of active ingredients is highest in the roots, and my formula uses only extract taken from the root.  Also, the tribesmen my supplier works with will only harvest roots from trees that are at least 10 years old.  Only plants this old are considered potent enough by the tribesmen to be used for their sexual power.

Just one stage of my exclusive extraction process: the roots are chipped into pieces.

The roots are washed, dried for one month, and then chipped into small pieces.  These chips are soaked in water for two days, then boiled for about an hour.  There are NO chemicals added to this process at any stage.  The soaked water, now rich with the compounds of the root, is then evaporated in a 3-day process.  The evaporation produces crystal-dry flakes, which are then milled into a powder, sealed in air-tight containers, and shipped immediately to my lab for use in my capsules.

This is my exclusive extraction process, and it’s a big part of the reason why my supplement is so much more effective than most other products.  Many of my competitors use a very cheap, powdered version of Tongkat which contains only a fraction of the potent compounds that actually work to increase libido and enhance sexual performance.

What are these compounds and how do they work in your body?

Tongkat Ali has such a powerful effect on your sexual performance because it contains “glycoproteins” which increase the single most important hormone in the male body: Testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone which gives you every male characteristic: increased muscle mass & strength, a deeper voice, facial hair, etc.  But most importantly, Testosterone is critical for everything that has to do with sex:

  • It’s necessary for sperm development.
  • You cannot get an erection without it.
  • It’s almost entirely responsible for your sex drive, or libido.

In other words, if you have ZERO sex drive and you can’t get hard, it’s because your T-levels are too low.  It’s absolutely essential to address this issue first.

Compounds in Tongkat stimulate the Leydig Cells to produce Testosterone.

Compounds in Tongkat stimulate the Leydig Cells to produce Testosterone, the most important hormone in the male body.

What Tongkat Ali actually does at the biological level is to stimulate your body’s own production of Testosterone in the Leydig Cells of the testicles.

There are two important clinical studies which provide real evidence that Tongkat Ali extract increases both testosterone and sperm count in males:

  1. A 2009 study done by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University Sains Malaysia on male rats determined that an extract of E. longifolia significantly increased the plasma testosterone level when compared with the control animals.
  2. A 2010 study by the Dept. of Physiology at the University Kebangsaan Malaysia found that male rats treated with E. longifolia exhibited much higher sperm count and sperm motility than the control group.

Now, the Tongkat Tribesmen of Indonesia don’t know the science behind Tongkat Ali, and the truth is…the don’t really care.  All they care about is the fact that it works.

And honestly, that’s also the reason I’m such a big advocate of Tongkat Ali: because it worked for me and for countless other men I know.

When I was personally struggling with erection problems, I tried almost every herbal product I could find that was supposed to help.  Many did nothing at all.  Some helped a little (but not enough to re-start my sex life), and a select few actually got me the results I needed.  Tongkat Ali was one of the very best: I felt a surge of sexual desire and got FULLY hard within hours of taking some potent Tongkat.

But I quickly realized that the quality of the product made a huge difference.  As I became more deeply involved in developing the perfect male enhancement supplement, I decided to go to the source for as many ingredients as possible.

Three years ago, I travelled to Indonesia for the first time in the search for the highest-quality Tongkat Ali on Earth.  I had already made a contact in Jakarta who had arranged to guide me to one of the villages in North Sumatra where raw Tongkat root is harvested.

The Village of Lingga where I stayed and harvested Tongkat Ali in the traditional way.

The Village of Lingga where I stayed and harvested Tongkat Ali in the traditional way.

The village of Lingga is inhabited by members of the Batak tribe, and I have never met a more hospitable people.  They welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to stay with them for two weeks.  I developed a close bond with the patriarch of the village, a man who was at least 80 years old named Sapto.  I journeyed with Sapto and the other men deep into the jungles everyday to harvest the Tongkat root.

Most of the other men were half his age, but Sapto outperformed them every time in terms of strength and stamina.  When I asked him how he did it at his age, he simply smiled and took a bite out of a freshly harvested Tongkat branch…just like Ali did centuries ago when he was lost in the jungles of Malaysia.

Sapto, like every other man in the village of Lingga, consumes Tongkat root every single day of his life.

Ultimately, Sapto himself gave me the very best proof of the true power of Tongkat Ali.

Sapto’s first wife had died several years earlier, but he was re-married to a beautiful young woman…she was maybe 30 years old, probably even younger.  I slept in a small “cabin” right behind Sapto’s home, and I can tell you for a FACT (based on the sounds she was making at night) that his wife was one sexually satisfied woman.

Sapto had taken Tongkat Ali for his entire life, and he was living proof that it works.

The men in the village of Lingga are still the ones harvesting the Tongkat root I use in PHGH to this very day.  They do it the very same way their ancestors did, and that’s important to me.  I continually test the quality of all my ingredients, and the Tongkat extract I get from Indonesia consistently ranks higher than almost any other supplement on the market.

Tongkat Ali is just one of 5 essential herbal ingredients in PHGH, and I’ll be bringing you detailed information on every one of them in the very near future.

  • If you want harder, bigger erections…
  • If you want to be able to last longer in bed and have intense sexual stamina…
  • If you want to be able to quickly recovery after orgasm and be ready to go again…
  • If you want the kind of powerful sex drive you had in your early 20′s…
  • If you’re interested in having the best sex of your life…


For your health,

John Lawrence

Top 10 Easiest Ways To Boost Your Sexual Self-Confidence

ConfidentManWhat is sexual confidence?

Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what it is, because confidence can’t be measured…it can only be felt.

And the thing is, women have a finely-tuned confidence detector.  They seem to know almost instinctively when you’re feeling it and when you’re not.

The real question is this: why is self-confidence so important?

Why?  Because confidence has a HUGE affect on your sexual performance.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that having high self-confidence accounts for at least 50% of your sexual prowess.

The other half is totally physical, as you’d expect, and the truth is: if your body is not functioning physically, it doesn’t matter how much self-esteem you have…you’ll still never get hard enough to have truly phenomenal sex.

So, the first order of business is to make sure your body is capable of getting truly rock-solid erections…and that’s where diet, exercise, and traditional herbs & roots come into play.

But I get a lot of letters from guys who tell me they can get full erections sometimes, just not every time…and especially not when the pressure’s on, which is when it really counts.

If you can get full-strength erections sometimes – but not when it counts – that means you’re having performance problems.

Performance problems are caused by a lack of sexual self-confidence.  

The good news is, there are a few things you can actually DO about your self-esteem issues.  The purpose of this blog is to give you some specific, simple, and proven techniques to help you boost your self-confidence.

So, let’s get to the Top 10 Easiest Ways To Boost Your Sexual Self-Confidence:

#10) Stop Procrastinating

Pick something you’ve been putting off for awhile, and just do it!  This is an instant confidence boost.  You’ll feel great about yourself as soon as the task is done because you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment.  It’s amazing how this works for even very simple or small things.  It could be something like oiling a squeaky door, or just calling a family member you haven’t spoken to in awhile.

#9) Stand Up Straight

Research has suggested that people with good posture have significantly more confidence than those who slouch.  And it’s easy to see why this is true…standing up straight just projects the right attitude.  Be aware of your posture when you’re in key situations, and especially when you’re with women.  Here’s how to do it: imagine a rope is pulling your head upward, and allow your body to follow that motion.  Easy, but effective.

#8) Organize Your Work/Personal Space

This is all about being prepared.  When your desk is organized, you can find what you need easily and quickly.  When you prepare for what you know is coming down the line, you can face everything with confidence.  You’ll know you’re ready.  Keep your car organized, your desk, your office, and your bedroom organized and you’ll feel prepared for whatever comes your way.

RabbitFoot#7) Embrace Superstition

Listen, self-confidence is all in your mind.  If you believe something is going to work, it most likely will work.  Along these lines, if you have a good luck charm that’s been with you when things have gone right…by all means, keep it with you!  The traditional cultures I’ve visited when sourcing the ingredients for PHGH all believe in the power of symbols, and it definitely works for them.  Dig into your own background: no matter if you’re Irish, Italian, Indian, or Indonesian – you’ll find something from your own culture that works.

#6) Stay Well-Groomed & Well-Dressed

The old saying is true: when you look good, you feel good.  For an easy confidence boost, treat yourself right…buy some new jeans, maybe some new sneakers, and get a classic haircut.  Keep your facial hair trimmed neatly and always make sure you’ve got the musk of a gentleman.  Looking good goes a long way with women.  It also speaks volumes to your business associates and firends.  One other thing: learn how to take a compliment sincerely.  It lets people know that you know what they’re saying about you is true.

#5) Get Pumped Up

Remember the classic scene from “Taxi Driver” where Robert De Niro looks in the mirror and says, “You talkin’ to me?”  What his character is doing here is simply pumping himself up for action.  Believe it or not, this actually works.  This is something I do myself before important events and right before I’m about to go to bed with a beautiful woman.  Another way to accomplish this same thing is to channel a moment in your life when you felt genuinely powerful and focus on it for 10 minutes before you walk into an important or stressful situation.

#4) Speak Slowly

Now, this seems self-explanatory…but there’s actually some science behind it.  Psychological studies have shown that when people speak slowly and deliberately, as opposed to urgently and intensely, others remember what they’re saying better and are left with a better overall impression.  Women, in particular, associate a man who chooses his words carefully with strength and confidence…and they’re attracted to this quality.

#3) Change (or Create) A Small Habit

This is a big one, because it can result in a tremendous boost to your self-esteem very quickly.  You’re going to choose one small thing, make it a habit, and stick to it for a month.  This can mean getting rid of a negative habit (like quitting smoking) or developing a new positive one: waking up 10 minutes earlier everyday, writing down every good idea you have, or eating more green vegetables.  The key is, make your goals achievable.

#2) Write A Journal

I know some of you might not like the idea of writing at first, but what this is about is getting to know yourself.  Having confidence requires knowing what you stand for & sticking up for your principles.  For me, writing has focused my idea of exactly who I am and it’s made everything clearer in my mind.  Write a journal entry at least once a week about anything you choose.  Over time, certain patterns will emerge and you will have a better sense of who you are as a man.  Better still would be creating your own blog, like this one, so you can share your beliefs with the world.

#1) Fake It Til You Make It

I’m going to end with this one because I know it really works.  This ties into the “Pump Yourself Up” theory of #5 as well as several other of these tips.  Confidence is all in your mind.  If you look the part, dress the part, and act the role…eventually you’ll become the role you’re playing.  Even if you just go through the motions and pretend you’ve got as much confidence as John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever,” ultimately what will happen is that you’ll become authentically self-confident.

The last thing I want to leave you with is this:

Other people are most likely less confident than you are.

Remember, most people are so busy thinking about themselves, their own problems and personal hang-ups, that they don’t even notice the things you may think of as your own “flaws.”  

If you project confidence, women will be able to detect it.

Start putting some of these ideas to work in your own life and then write in and let me know how it’s helped you get back to your personal best.


John Lawrence

P.S. For more info on how to keep the physical component of your sexual performance in top shape, check out the PHGH website right HERE.

4 Secrets To Staying Young


staying youngI sat down recently to watch the news on television and I was shocked by just how much time is given to promoting the health and fitness industry.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me, because I know how important this issue is to most Americans.

But I was literally overwhelmed by the ads for gym memberships or the latest “miracle diets” and, most of all, by the countless commercials for prescription medications.

Again, I understand why it’s so big in the media: we all want to feel like we did when we were young.  I certainly do, and I know most of you do, too.  I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Your body was in its prime, you had seemingly endless energy, you could eat & drink whatever you wanted without worrying about it, and your sex drive was at its absolute peak.

And it seems logical that the first step to feeling like that again is to get your body back into top physical shape.

But that’s a lot easier said than done, right?

If you believe everything the mainstream media has to say, you probably think staying healthy is really difficult, really complicated, and really expensive.

Look, the conventional “Health & Fitness” industry is a massive, multi-billion-dollar operation.  Those companies WANT you to think it’s complicated.

They WANT you to think you have to spend thousands of dollars on bizarre dieting systems, gym memberships, and expensive equipment just to stay healthy.  That’s how those guys stay in business and get filthy rich.

Well, I’m here to let you in on two facts that those companies DON’T want you to know.

  • FACT #1: Living a healthy lifestyle is actually really simple.  You just eat right everyday and you do some light exercise a couple times a week…and that’s it.

caveman dietAnother way to say it is this: getting into shape doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

That fact seems to fly in the face of everything you hear in the media, but it’s the truth…and it’s time people start to realize it.

The second fact, I predict, is going to be even more controversial:

  • FACT #2: Diet and exercise alone is NOT enough to get you back on the road to feeling like you did in your “prime”…there’s a hell of a lot more to it than that.

Just taking care of your body – your physical health – doesn’t mean you’re going to start feeling like you did when you were 22 all of a sudden.

I personally know plenty of people who are in great physical shape, but when it comes to other areas of their lives they’re still very unfulfilled.

Yes, making healthy choices in terms of diet and exercise is a good place to start on the road to happiness, but it’s just that…a start.

Because the truth is, ahuge part of what it means to “feel young” has to do with your mental, spiritual, and sexual well-being.

The sexual component is especially important to me, and I know how important it is to you, too.  In fact…

  • I’d go so far as to say great sex is not only the best way to achieve a more youthful existence…it’s also the ultimate reward for choosing to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

I believe it’s possible for anyone, regardless of their age or current health issues, to regain their youthful spirit & drive.

With all this in mind, I’ve come up with four distinct strategies you can easily use to get back the kind of vitality and positive energy you had when you were in your 20’s:

1) Get Better, More Restorative Sleep

2) Reduce Stress

3) Increase Your Spirituality

4) Take Daily Supplements

I call it The Four S’s: Sleep, Stress, Spirituality, & Supplements.

The ultimate goal here is yet another “S”: Sex.

Applying each of these techniques will result in the one thing we all remember most from our 20’s: having amazing sex, and more of it.

I’ve included several specific and very practical tips on how to achieve each one of these goals…so, let’s just get right to it.

1) Get Better, More Restorative Sleep

You’ll notice I didn’t just say, “Get More Sleep.”  That’s because there’s a big difference between the right kind of sleep and the wrong kind of sleep.

The wrong kind of sleep can actually make you feel more tired than before you hit the sheets.  The right kind of sleep will leave you with more energy, better focus, and a higher sex drive.

Here are a few simple techniques I use to make sure I’m getting enough of the right kind of rest:

  • Keep a regular sleep schedule…always try to go to bed and to wake up at the same times everyday.
  • Avoid long naps, especially during the daytime.  Honestly, anything over 20 minutes is going to disrupt your natural, healthy sleep cycle.
  • Take a natural supplement for sleep, such as melatonin or valerian root.  As with all supplements, daily use yields the best results.
  • If you consume caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine…try to limit your intake.  All three can disturb your normal patterns and excessive use will lead to the wrong kind of sleep.
  • Use your bed for ONLY two things: sleeping and sex.  Definitely don’t eat in bed and try to avoid watching TV or working on your laptop there.  You want your bed to feel like a special place…the place where the magic happens.

You already know how important sleep is to your health, but you may not know why it’s so important…

Recent studies have shown that most of the major restorative functions in your body – such as muscle growth, tissue repair, protein synthesis, and growth hormone release – occur mainly, and in some cases only, during sleep.

2) Reduce Stress

This is a huge issue, as you know.  Stress can negatively affect almost every area of your health, but its effect on your sex drive in particular can be massive and nearly crippling.

New studies are showing that high levels of the stress hormone cortisol can reduce the impact of testosterone on your sex drive.

Additionally, stress, nerves, and pressure can keep you from performing at the top of your game when you’re actually having sex.

The problem is, almost everything in our lives nowadays can create stress: work, relationships, traffic, the Internet…everything.

Here are my top three personal strategies for stress-relief:

a) Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

This is a process I learned from one of my best friends…who just happens to be a physical therapist.  It was developed by an American physician in the 1920’s, but it’s still in use today.

  • Basically, the process involves intentionally contracting, then relaxing, different muscle groups in your body that carry the most tension: your neck, back, and face muscles, for example.

You can learn to use this technique almost anywhere: at home, at the office, in your car…even while you’re walking down the street.

You just relax and focus on one muscle group – let’s use your neck muscles as an example.  Concentrate, tense the muscles in your neck, and then release them.  Contract…then relax.  Repeat this process approximately 20 times, then move onto another muscle group.

b) Self-Hypnosis:

This practice is also called “Autohypnosis.”  When it’s mastered, it can help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and a whole laundry list of other modern problems.

  • Self-hypnosis can increase your concentration, improve your ability to solve problems, and allow you greater control of your emotions.

The goal of this process is to force your mind to slow down.  This is accomplished by the repetition of a key word or phrase.  I personally use the following phrase when I practice this technique: “My body is relaxing.”

I repeat the phrase over and over to myself in a relaxed but highly focused state for about 20-30 minutes.  The goal is to try to put myself into a kind of trance…or to almost hypnotize myself.  It doesn’t always work perfectly, but I can feel the results either way.

c) Meditation:

This is something I’ve mentioned briefly in previous blog entries, but I’ve never really gone into much detail.  Honestly, this subject deserves its own dedicated newsletter because it is such a valuable and effective tip.  For now, I’m just going to touch on the basics…

Meditation is all about learning to be aware of your breathing.

Many people think it’s about controlling your breath, but that’s a mistake.  The goal is to tune into your body’s natural rhythm because this is what allows us to enter a complete state of relaxation.

Find a quiet, private space where you feel comfortable.  Sometimes I’ll play some “meditative” music in the background to help set the mood…feel free to write me an email and I’d be happy to recommend some of my favorite music for you.

  • Sit with your legs crossed and your spine straight.
  • Focus on breathing slowly in through your nose, and out through your mouth. 
  • Pay attention to your breath and your heartbeat.
  • Imagine yourself somewhere in a natural environment.
  • Shut off all other thoughts…stay focused on your breathing.

I’ve been practicing meditation for several years now, and I’m a firm believer in its benefits.

Meditating improves my life in almost all areas…I have more energy, less stress, increased confidence, improved communication skills, and the ability to handle almost any situation that comes my way.

3) Increase Your Spirituality

This tip might come as a surprise to some of you, but I want you to trust me when I tell you how crucial this area is to maximizing your sexual performance.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the most amazing sex I’ve ever had was when I made a deep spiritual connection with a woman.

But to get to that point with a woman, you have to first advance your own personal spiritual program.

Many people get spirituality mixed up with religion.  You don’t have to be particularly religious in order to be more spiritual.  But if you do happen to belong to a church or any kind of organized religion, getting more involved can definitely heighten your inner spirit.

Here are three other ways you can become a more spiritual person:

a) Spend More Time In Nature

For the most part, the world we live in today is far away from nature.  We’re surrounded by man-made structures which don’t do very much to inspire or stimulate your inner spirit.

I think the best way to dig deep into yourself is to get back to nature.  For one, natural environments are much quieter than cities, so it’s one of the only ways to get some real peace.  The air is better when you’re in nature, and most importantly, you can get away from everything: the daily grind, the traffic, and the swarms of people.

Here are just a few simple ways to “get back to nature”:

  • If you live by the ocean, go to the beach more often.
  • Find some trails and go hiking.
  • Set aside a weekend once a month to go camping.
  • Get into fishing or hunting.
  • If you can’t get away from the city, simply find a local park and enjoy the scenery.

b) Find a Creative Outlet

I’m a firm believer that having a creative hobby does wonders for your soul.  The key is this: find some you’re truly passionate about.

When you’re really interested in something, your whole life becomes more exciting.  You’ll find yourself waking up everyday with extra energy and a renewed enthusiasm for life.

My personal “hobby” is writing.  I write in a journal just for myself everyday, I write blog entries on this very website as often as possible, and I’m also working on a book right now.  I’d recommend doing some personal writing to everyone…it’s definitely changed my life in ways nothing else has.

Here are a few other inexpensive ideas for some creative pastimes:

  • Drawing or painting
  • Practicing or learning a musical instrument
  • Collecting of any kind (coins, stamps, antiques, toys, guns, etc.)
  • Model-building
  • Re-constructing old cars

c) Get Into Some Books

So many writers from all over the world have written about their personal quest for greater spirituality so that others can learn from their experience.  There’s a wealth of knowledge out there, and it’s easy to find nowadays.

Do a search on for “spirituality” and you’ll come up with hundreds of books designed to help people in this pursuit.  I guarantee you can find something that suits you with just a minimal amount of effort.

Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

  • “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle
  • “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra
  • “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama
  • “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav
  • “Solomon Speaks” by Dr. Eric Pearl

4) Take Daily Supplements

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned how alarmed I was by the sheer volume of advertising in the media for the mainstream “Health & Fitness” Industry.  In particular, I’m troubled by the lengths the pharmaceutical industry has gone to in order to promote their wide array of prescription medications.

As you may already know, my negative personal experience with prescription drugs was at the root of my decision to develop my own all-natural male enhancement supplement.  While those drugs did work for a short while, they wreaked havoc on my body.  Eventually, I developed a tolerance to them until they stopped working for me altogether.

I turned to 100% natural, organic, herbal ingredients to accomplish the exact same thing…and I never looked back.  Today, I’m proud to say my formula for PHGH is the most effective organic supplement on the market.

There are several reasons for this, and these also correspond to they key factors you need to look for when considering any herbal supplement.

Here’s what you want to look for in any supplement:

  • Check the label to make sure the amount of the active ingredient is high enough to produce the desired results.
  • Quality supplements use only extracts.  Many inferior capsules use powdered versions of the ingredients, and this is much less effective.
  • The ingredient quality is of the utmost importance.  I use only the most reliable suppliers for PHGH, and it took me years to cultivate these relationships.
  • Avoid at all costs any supplements which use potentially harmful binders or fillers (called excipients) such as: Methyl paraben, Microcrystalline cellulose, or Methacrylic copolymer.  PHGH contains none of these, and uses only natural binding agents.

For more information and more details, please visit the PHGH website here.

Herbal supplements are truly one of the best ways to provide the natural elements your body needs and which the modern diet is sorely missing.  They fit into my total program of physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual health.

I truly hope you’ve found something in here that can be of real help to you.  If you address all these areas, you will be on the road to regaining the kind of sexual vitality we all had in our 20’s.

Until next time,

John Lawrence

Are You Getting Hard Enough?

Sometimes we need to just get right to the big issues.

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship or have been married for years, I want you to ask yourself this question and try to answer honestly:

“Am I satisfying my wife or girlfriend sexually the way I did when we first met?”

I know this is something that concerns everyone who is involved in a serious relationship.

Over time, it’s just inevitable for the sexual “spark” to die down somewhat.  And for men, especially, as we get older we tend to lose some of the natural sex drive which made the sex so amazing when we met our wives or girlfriends.

But be honest, and admit that you know the reason why sometimes women are disappointed with the sex:

It’s because you’re not getting as hard as you used to, and not staying hard for as long as it takes for her to be satisfied.

And we know that women are not telling us the truth when they say, “It’s alright.  Don’t worry about it.  We’ll try again another night.”

In fact, nothing is worse than going soft with your woman, hearing those words, and just rolling over in bed.

I had a guy write to me recently who wanted to know, “How bad does it have to get before she has sex with someone else?  How much more of this before she leaves me?”

And I could relate to what he was going through…I knew exactly what he meant.

The reason I know it is because it happened to me.  All of a sudden I was completely unable to get hard, and this was well into my career as a male pornstar!  Not only was my self-confidence at an all-time low, I was at risk of being out of work completely.

But what I want to tell you is that this trend does not have to continue.  You CAN reverse it and it is possible to get ROCK HARD well into your 60′s, 70′s, and 80′s.

You already know that once you can get hard again, I mean really HARD, nothing can stop you from having great sex…even the best sex of your life!

When my problems started, I had no choice but to get to work on trying to find a solution.  My livelihood depended on it.

The work I dedicated to this problem resulted in my all-natural supplement, PHGH.  I was willing to try literally anything to get back what I had lost, so I tried almost everything.

I experimented with a wide range of herbal ingredients until I came up with a combination that really gave me some results that I could use.

The goal here is blood-flow.  The ingredients in PHGH were selected for that reason only, because I know great sex literally depends on how hard a guy can get.  By making blood-flow to the penis my priority, I was able to come up with a recipe that really worked.

And now I want to share this breakthrough product with you.

I could try to offer you some tips on “what to do” when it won’t get hard or stay hard, or some “relationship” advice to help fulfill other aspects of your woman’s needs, but that doesn’t really get to the heart of the problem.

What she really needs is an orgasm that’s only possible by deep & hard penetration.

And for that you need to really be at your HARDEST.

You have nothing to lose by trying my supplement.  I know what you’re going through…I’ve been there, and I got through it.  You can get through it, too.

Check out the website by clicking right HERE, get started with just one bottle of PHGH risk-free, and see the results for yourself.

Let me know how it works for you.


John Lawrence