Dating “Miss X” and Pulling The Wishbone

You want to hear a crazy story?

Let me tell you about the time I briefly dated a famous Hollywood actress…

This was several years ago, long before I met my current girlfriend.  At the time, I had just ended a rocky relationship with a female pornstar.  We were absolutely terrible for each other – we fought all the time – but we had such amazing sex we couldn’t bring ourselves to end the relationship until she finally moved away from LA.

Anyway, I was finally single and I was enjoying my time as a free man.

One night I met some friends out for drinks at a legendary bar in Hollywood: The Formosa Cafe.Formosa_Cafe

At first I didn’t even recognize her as a movie star.  She had tagged along with a friend of mine to the bar, and it was pretty obvious she felt “out of place.”  She looked vaguely familiar, so I started talking to her on the assumption that I must have known her through mutual friends.

Suddenly, it hit me who she was.  I’d had an enormous crush on her since I was a kid.  She was about ten years older than me, but she still looked damn good.

She was absolutely beautiful, as a matter of fact: deep brown eyes, long brown hair, a thin & sexy body, and a great rack.

We seemed to hit it off.  After I realized who I was talking to, I was tempted to reveal how much I had fantasized about her my whole life…but I didn’t do it.  I played it cool, and she seemed to appreciate the fact that I was talking to her just like I would with any other woman.

We talked until the bar closed, exchanged phone numbers, and went our separate ways.  But as I was walking down La Brea Ave. to my car, she called me.  We talked on the phone for three more hours that night!

And that’s how I started dating Miss X, the movie star.

I’m not going to reveal her name, but let’s just say she was a major star who had been in dozens of hit movies ever since she was a teenager!

She called me at midnight every night for a week after that first evening at the Formosa.  It was a strange pattern, but I knew celebrities had strange lifestyles.

Finally, we both had some free time in our schedules and she invited me to come up to her house in the Hollywood Hills.hollywood sign

Now, this is where it starts to get weird…

A massive wall ran around the property.  I rang the buzzer and waited until I heard her voice over the intercom, “Hi!  I’ll be right there to let you in!”

She greeted me at the door with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  I was immediately impressed with the landscaping of the patio…the central feature of which was a gigantic pool.

“Isn’t my pool beautiful?” she asked (almost reading my mind.)

“Yeah, it’s great!” I replied.

She stopped suddenly in her tracks, turned, looked me directly in the eyes and said, “I’ve never been in it.”

She explained that she’d lived in the house for 20 years, but she was deathly and abnormally afraid of water.  Once, she delayed a huge film shoot for weeks because a scene required her to get into a body of water.

I was starting to get an idea of just how crazy this woman was.

Well, the night got worse before it got better…

She proceeded to make me watch crappy VHS copies of some of her worst movies.  She talked about herself incessantly, and I knew most of what she was saying was totally fabricated.  My gut was telling me that she was a pathological liar!

Well, I figured I should at least get something out of the whole crazy experience…so I made my move.  

Let me just say this: Miss X was very receptive to my advances.

Miss X was a VERY sexual woman.

She liked to talk dirty…and she loved to hear me talk dirty.  

She liked it rough…and she loved to provoke me.

I’d been with a lot of wild women in the adult film industry, but Miss X was up there among the freakiest girls I’ve ever met.

She introduced me to some sex positions I’d never tried before.  In fact, one of these positions was so good, I permanently added it to my repertoire.  I use it to this day as my sure-fire finishing move to get any girl to climax.

It’s called The Wishbone.

It’s actually just a variation of the classic “missionary position.”TheWishbone1

Miss X liked this variation because I was able to look directly into her crazy eyes while we had sex.  She liked to watch me as I said dirty words right into her mouth.  This was the key for her, but for me it was something else entirely…

What I love about The Wishbone is that it allows me to penetrate my girl’s vagina deeper than any other position I’ve tried…deeper than Doggystyle, deeper than Cowgirl, deeper than traditional Missionary.

At this level of penetration, my own orgasms have even more impact than normal…and it seems to take women over the top as far as the female orgasm is concerned.

Extreme penetration is the only thing that can generate the kind of wild, intense orgasms you see the girls of porn regularly having.

As far as me and Miss X, there’s not much more to the story.

We had some more great sex at her mansion in the Hollywood Hills two or three more times after the first night…and then we never saw each other again.

Quite honestly, she turned out to be one of the craziest girls I’ve ever met.

Remember how I suspected she was a pathological liar?  Well, not long after I stopped seeing her, she got into some trouble with the police that confirmed my suspicions.  It was a public debacle, and I’m just glad I wasn’t around to get mixed up in it.

These days I’ve got a great, normal girl who makes me happy.  She might not be as wild as Miss X or some of the girls of porn, but she’s mine.

Now, I know how much you love hearing about some of my adventures…but the reason I tell these stories is to offer you some real advice you can use in your own sex lives.

I want every man in America to be able to have the kind of wild sex they’re having in porn.

It’s totally possible, and I’d like to be able to say I had something to do with it.

That’s why I share these great sex positions with you and that’s why I create and manufacture revolutionary sex supplements for men…because I want to revolutionize the sex lives of American men.

I’ve spent years researching, testing, and refining the formula I use in my breakthrough supplement, PHGH, so that I can feel confident I’m selling the absolute highest-quality product on the market.

I want you to try “pulling” the Wishbone with your wife or girlfriend tonight, but for this position to be effective, you’ve first got to make sure your erection is rock-hard and ready for anything.  

And for that, I want you to make sure you’re well-supplied on PHGH.

Check out the PHGH website right HERE.

Don’t forget to write in and tell me about your experiences!

For your health,

John Lawrence

5 comments on “Dating “Miss X” and Pulling The Wishbone

  1. BOBBY on said:

    Great stuff John!!! Love love love it dude! Keep the stories & positions coming & whatever else ya

  2. scott on said:

    i’ve been dating this cute red-head for a couple of months now. Last week was our first time we had sex. While I have been taking PHGH for a few weeks prior to our encounter I was sure things were going to heat up that night so I made sure not to miss the dose. And I’m glad I didn’t. I always felt a kind of freaky sexual vibe about her and that night it was all confirmed. She got off intensely a few times, body shaking and quivering…simply amazing. The PHGH helped me keep the stamina in needed. Not go into to much detail but the Wishbone was her favorite…

  3. mdj=khajamoinuddin on said:


    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best job

  4. Chris on said:

    Great story cuz I know who are talking about. I am we all had a poster of her back in the 80′

  5. Shawn on said:

    Great stuff! Major change in lifestyle and confidence level. Would definitely recommend to anyone!!!

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