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Hey guys,

As you know, I’ve spent a great deal of time traveling through China, Indonesia, and other regions of South East Asia on my quest to find the highest possible ingredients for PHGH.

And every year I travel back to the region to check in with my business contacts, build my network, and just immerse myself in all the wonders of the area.

In fact, recently I spent a month or so traveling across Vietnam, Thailand, and China (primarily in Shanghai) with some old family friends who needed a tour guide.

While I was there, I overheard one of the gentlemen in our group having a bit of trouble with his wife. And when I asked if everything was ok… he broke down and said they were having intimacy issues.

I recommended an informal session with a local man who happened to be a master in “Sexology” practices.

And though I have no idea what they talked about that day, the couple emerged from the meeting looking both relieved and determined… and from the sounds coming out of their room that night… whatever he told them to do must have worked.

When I got back to LA I had a chance to reflect on the differences between eastern and western medicine.

And I realized that most Americans do not have enough exposure to the Oriental cultures to know what eastern practices can do for your sexual health.

So I put together this short “Eastern Guide to Strong Sexual Health for Men” based around the ancient practices of Sexology which have been used for thousands of years in many Asian cultures to not only enhance general health and well being… but to specifically stimulate libido, improve sexual arousal, and increase erectile strength.

Therapeutic Massage: If you’ve ever gotten a really good massage you know that they feel great. Not only do you get all the muscle tension and stress worked out… regular massages have been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and posture, relieve headaches, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and increase flexibility/range of motion.

But a sensual massage is also a key component of classic “sexology”… and can stimulate powerful arousal.

So if you really want to help not only your body but your sex life find a good masseuse and schedule weekly or monthly sessions. You will see the difference in your erection strength.

Tip: The first time with a new masseuse is an interactive process. Make sure to let them know when you need a softer touch (or harder) and how to improve the massage as it goes.

Acupuncture: This technique uses slender needles to stimulate “acupoints” on the human body… and in eastern medicine acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat sicknesses & alleviate chronic pain.

Anyone who has lived with any kind of nerve damage, sciatica, or other long term pain will attest that it can be tortuous… and really take a toll on you. But Acupuncture can provide relief from the types of pain that western doctors can’t treat.

And when it comes to your sex drive… it can supercharge a lagging libido by improving circulation and unlocking high levels of arousal and pleasure.

Acupressure: Acupressure uses light touches to specific points on your body and is also very well known for relieving pain, reducing stress and tension, increasing circulation, and improving overall health.

Not to mention that acupressure is world famous for boosting sexual energy, increasing fertility, improving sexual endurance, and enhancing orgasm intensity.

And though I just touched upon the methods listed above, it is important to know that there are good eastern options out there for improving your sex life.

I designed PHGH to successfully blend both eastern ingredients and western nutritional practices into one clinical strength herbal supplement that gives men the best of both worlds.

It is formulated to not only provide the libido boost you need to sustain a powerful sex drive, but with PHGH on your side you won’t have to worry about achieving your biggest (and hardest) erection… or keeping it.

And when you combine a good supplement with powerful “sexology” practices… your body will benefit on every level.

You will see the difference in your sexual relationship.

John Lawrence

PS: Make sure you write in to tell me about your experiences with these eastern practices… the best and the worst.

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6 comments on “Eastern Guide to Sexual Health

  1. Johnathan G. on said:

    I’m one of the 1st timer to try john lawernce PGh.. I have the same problem with my realationship with my spouse.. I only stay hard for a while then it not up anymore.. I want to fix my realationship i want a longer heart on make my spouse happy thats why i want to try your pgh formula John Lawernce.. You talk about it on your pgh… I need your help John Lawernce… Thank you, Johnathan Gorman

    • John Lawrence on said:

      Hey John, Give PHGH a try.. It’s worked for a lot of men and there’s a good chance it will for you too.

  2. Robert W. on said:

    I gave PHGH a try and there is no doubt that the product gives a firm and hard erection that my wife just loves.For the first time in our long marriage she ask for more and more. There is just one problem. Although I have long lasting erections I can not ejaculate. My wife experiences multiple orgsms where as I have have had only two in our last ten trys. Have you got any herb to help us with that problem?

    • John Lawrence on said:

      Hey Robery,

      Glad to hear PHGH worked for ya! And it’s funny you ask about something that may help this issue. I’m currently developing a new supplement that helps recovery time. It lets you have sex more often by increasing your semim volume. This may also help you ejaculate. Though legally, I can’t guarantee anything, but it’s definitely worth giving it a shot. Now.. my supplement won’t be out for about 6 weeks. So sorry to tell ya, but you won’t get the power packed version I’m making until than. But I will tell ya this -soy lethicin. It’s not going to be nearly as good as what I’m making, but I want to give you something that could help out now.. and this could be it.

      Let me know how it works for ya,


  3. John Lawrence on said:

    Hey Bryan,

    UK distribution is a great idea.. I’m going to look into that.. Sorry it’s taking so long for delivery. But I hope it works out for ya!


  4. Fred Landrath on said:

    Hi John,Fred from Wis. I just ordered a double order of your pills,but I could not see your fast recovery pills. Is it possible to put them on the same sight as the reg
    Pills? Remember I sent you a message the first time I ordered,also took advantage of a first time buyer,and I Thank you for them. I am now 72,and I already told you about my cancer operation I had. I still haven’t met a gal to be with,but a doubler order of your reg.pills are coming.Your pills are working to the point where they make me feel like a man again. I used to be over 350# I am now 194#.and I am waiting to meet the one I want. Thank You for taking your time to help others.
    Fred from central Wi

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