How to Body Surf At Home


I’ve got a brand-new illustrated sex position for you today.

Now, I know some of you will just scroll down to check it out… but first I want to tell you the true story of how it came to be.

A few years ago, my girlfriend and I were on vacation in the Outer Banks — the string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina.

The beaches are spectacular, and there’s a lot of really cool history in the area, too.

For instance, Blackbeard the pirate was killed there in 1718.

And in 1903, the Wright Brothers made their historic flight in the sand dunes at Kill Devil Hill, near Kitty Hawk.

We used to visit the Outer Banks when I was a kid. And I always thought it was pretty awesome to stand on the same sand where Blackbeard and the Wright Brothers may have walked.

But Jennie and I were there for the sun, the sand, the water — and some vacation sex, of course.

Within an hour of arriving, we were at the beach and getting into some serious body surfing. For me, body surfing blurs the line between man and nature — I feel like I become part of the ocean’s energy.

Well, for the next four hours we rode one awesome wave after another, and sunbathed on the beach. When the air started turning cool, we packed up our towels and headed back to town.

By the time we reached our hotel, we were ready to crash. We took a quick shower together, then plopped down on the bed side by side — exhausted and naked.

But there’s something irresistible about a beautiful, naked woman in bed beside me, no matter how tired I am.

So I made a tentative move, to see how she’d respond.

Jennie responded with, “I’m sorry, babe, but I’m not up for anything right now. I’ve barely got enough energy to pass out!”

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to move a muscle, I promise.”

She turned and gave me that wicked smile of hers. “Well, I might have to move a few muscles….”

So I came up with this awesome position on the spot, just by following my instincts. It’s called The Body Surfer.

Body surfer

How To Try The Body Surfer:

Have your woman lie face-down on the bed or floor, with her legs slightly parted and her upper body resting on her forearms.

Position yourself between her legs, with your upper body supported by your arms, then slide inside her. You’ll be hitting her clit and her G-spot with every thrust, so you can go at a slower, more relaxed pace and still get a great response.

Or you can drive her crazy with a variety of surprise thrusts — shallow, deep, stop-and-go, or steady jackhammer. She can’t see your face, so she can’t tell what your next move will be.

Wanna turn up the heat a little more? Have her close her legs, with you straddling her as you enter.

This not only increases friction and intensifies the stimulation — it also lets you increase that incredible flesh-on-flesh contact.

Why You’ll BOTH Love The Body Surfer:

For starters, it doesn’t require superhuman strength or the ability to contort yourselves into pretzels.

And all that flesh-on-flesh contact stimulates tons of sensitive nerve endings on her back, her inner thighs, and her ass. And you’re getting that same jolt, from your chest to your toes.

Since she’s lying on her stomach, she can easily position herself so the underside of your shaft glides along her clit — just the way she wants it.

And with that special rear-entry angle, every thrust ends with a direct hit on her G-spot.

As for you, a lot of your body weight is resting on her. That saves your energy for as much hard, steady drilling as she needs.

You also get excellent blood flow down there, to keep you good and hard.

So, surf’s up! Come on, try The Body Surfer for yourself — tonight. You’ll understand what it really means to become “one” with your woman.

Then post your comments here to let me know what you think about it. I know you’re gonna love it, man.


P.S. I wanna do another informal survey because I’m dying to know the answer to this question: “What’s your favorite ‘finishing’ position?” You can reply with a one-word answer (e.g., doggy-style, girl-on-top) – that’s all it takes. I want some data from the field!!!!

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