A “Master Class” on Oral Sex

Now, I’ve always considered myself an expert at giving women oral sex.

In both my adult film career and my off-camera life, I’ve brought hundreds of women to climax through oral alone.

But I’m always excited by the opportunity to learn new techniques. That’s why I’m glad a few years ago, I got to do something most people don’t know even exists:

I took an oral sex class.  

And when I did, I was blown away by everything it turned out I didn’t know.

My oral sex instructor was Jeff Havens. He was hired by the head of one of the adult studios I worked for…

…to teach every performer under contract, guys and girls, how to properly go down on a woman.

“The guys out there watching, they want to see our girls come for real,” the boss said. “Dr. Havens’ll help you make sure they are.”

And you read that right:  Doctor Havens.

But Jeff wasn’t an expert in sexuality, or even anatomy.

He was a speech pathologist.

And he taught us the key to great oral sex technique:

Lips, jaws, and a tongue that are fit, practiced…and ready to go for as long it takes to deliver as many orgasms as your partner can stand.


Here are a few of the exercises he showed us…exercises you can use to get yourself oral sex ready.

  • The Invisible Toothpick

Work your tongue like you’re running it up and down an “Invisible Toothpick.”

Here’s a good basic technique to limber up your tongue.

Open your mouth wide, and picture a toothpick in there, propping your jaws open.

Keeping your tongue behind your teeth, move it up and down, touching the roof of your mouth with the tip when you do.

As you do this, you should be imagining your tongue running up and down the invisible toothpick.

This gets your tongue nice and limber, and also gives you practice making it into a pointed tip…good for hitting those sensitive areas, including her clitoris.

  • Open Wide

Here’s one to strengthen your jaw, and give it the stamina you need to please your woman for minutes, even hours on end.

Curl up your tongue, and tuck it as far back to the roof of your mouth as you can.

Then, holding your tongue in that position, open and close your mouth at a medium pace.

Start with fifteen times, and see how many you can do before your jaw starts to get stiff. The more often you do this, the longer you’ll be able to go.

  • The Cheerio Test

This is one of the most basic exercises you can do…but you’ll be amazed how much it strengthens your tongue.

The idea is simple. Put a Cheerio on the roof of your mouth, on the crest of that ridge behind your top teeth.

Without opening your mouth, hold the Cheerio in place with the tip of your tongue….

…and swallow without moving your tongue or the Cheerio.

Jeff recommends doing at least fifteen Cheerios a day. You’ll be astonished how this tones up your body’s most essential oral-sex muscle.

And to really strengthen that tongue…

  • Tongue Bench


    The “Tongue Bench”: Hold the spoon up using just your tongue, for a full three-count.

Basically, this is weightlifting for your tongue.

Put a spoon handle on the center of your tongue. Then, keeping the spoon steady, lift it with your tongue for a count of three.

Jeff recommends four reps of this tongue lift, three times a day. Stick to this regime, and your tongue will be primed and ready for oral.

Once he got us up to speed with these tongue-and-jaw exercises, the doctor moved on to special oral sex techniques.


Here’s a few of the best moves he gave us. Try these out with your partner. She’ll be very glad you did.

  •  Warming Her Up

Too many men, when going down on their partner, want to just dive right in and attack the clitoris.

What they don’t realize is that the clit is insanely sensitive… and if you don’t pace yourself with a proper warm-up, you could wear your partner out before you even really get started.

Instead of going at the clit first, start with a few long, slow licks up the inner lips of her vagina. Keep your tongue pointed, and don’t forget to use your fingers to stimulate her as well.

  •  Clit Tips

Once you’re ready to turn your attention to the clitoris, start by working your tongue slowly back and forth.

If that’s working for her, push back the “hood” of the clit with your lip. Point your tongue and start to work the underside of the clit with a medium-fast stroke.

Make sure your moves are keeping her moist, or what you’re doing might end up hurting her.

And don’t work your tongue too hard. You’re trying to stimulate the clit…not pound it into submission.

  •  Working the Sweet Spot

Once you’ve got a sense of where she likes your tongue going the best, you’re ready to bring it home with your most powerful clit-focused moves.

Gently suck her clit between your lips, keeping it erect for you. Then, start working your tongue in a fast back-and-forth motion, alternating this with slower, swirling licks.

Her moans and movement should give you a sense of when you’re hitting her best spot for pleasure…and guiding her to a crushing orgasm.

  •  Oral Penetration


    Your tongue and lip workouts will make it easy to pull off intense “Oral Penetration.”

One of the reasons we spent so much time preparing your tongue is to get you ready to work it inside your partner’s vagina.

Tongue penetration offers a number of pleasures most men don’t think about nearly enough.

A pointed, narrow tongue, darting back and forth in a swift motion just inside her, goes a long way to getting her ready for orgasm.

Tilting her hips the right way, while you work your tongue over the inner roof of her vagina, will get you in range of the G-spot… ground zero for the female orgasm.

And, if you suck her inner lips and clitoral hood into your mouth before you put your tongue in, this puts you in position for the deepest possible tongue penetration.

From here, you can work your tongue just like your penis (and you’ll be able to, if you’ve done your exercises), and deliver one mighty orgasm after another.


Now, these basic techniques can be adapted to any oral sex positions you and your partner prefer.

But I’ve gotten the best results with two different positions I’ve tried.

The first is a good basic position, one that’s comfortable no matter what shape you or your partner are in.

I call this one: “The Light Snack.


“The Light Snack”:  Easy, comfortable…and powerfully orgasmic.

For this position, your partner lies back on the bed, with her knees bent down over the edge of the mattress.

You kneel on the floor between her legs, and adjust her hips to give your lips and tongue good, open access to her vagina.

All the oral techniques I told you about work well in this position. It keeps your head and neck at a natural, comfortable angle, to allow you to do your thing for as long as you’re able.

If you need to go easy on your knees, feel free to use a pillow or towel to ease your strain. Another pillow under her buttocks or back can also improve your angle of approach.

So, if you conquer the Light Snack and want to step up your oral game, here’s a modified version I call (what else?)…”The Main Course.”


“The Main Course”:  Tougher to perform…but the payoff is huge.

This one will take a partner with a bit of strength and flexibility. But if she can manage it, the orgasms you’ll deliver will be more than worth it.

For this, your partner is again on her back on the bed. But instead of her legs hanging over the side, she bends her legs and rests her heels on the edge of the bed.

Then, she arches her back up, so her vagina is opened and tilted up towards you.

This position can be a bit tough on her neck, shoulders, and back if you’re not prepared.

I suggest supporting her shoulders and upper back with pillows, like a triangle-shaped specialty massage pillow.

The beauty of this position is, it provides you with a wide, elevated opening, that’s perfect for penetrating with your tongue.

And with the tongue exercises I gave you above, you’ll be able to get your tongue to a fine, pointed tip.

This’ll give you access to the clustered nerve endings right inside her vagina, as well as her pubococcygeus muscle… which reacts intensely during orgasm.

As long as her legs and back…and your tongue and jaw…can hold out, you can work the Main Course to give her orgasm after orgasm.

I took that oral sex class with Dr. Havens years ago, and I’ve never forgotten these lessons.

They’ve served me well, both on camera and with the women whose company I’ve enjoyed offscreen.

They’re easy to practice, easy to perform…and capable of delivering consistent, powerful, multiple orgasms.

If you try these oral sex practice and performance techniques with your partner, write me to let me know how you like them…

…and, more importantly, how she likes them.

If you do your homework, and really get your skills on point, every time you go down on your partner…

…she’ll be so satisfied, she’ll say, “Wow. You must have taken a class.”

For your health,

John Lawrence

P.S. Don’t forget to leave some comments below! I want to hear what you think about these ideas. Have you tried some of these techniques already? If so, how did they work? If you haven’t tried any of these yet, I’d love for you to try them out tonight and leave a comment below on how it worked for you.

10 comments on “A “Master Class” on Oral Sex

  1. Scott Benton on said:

    John, Great work…..I have been using these techniques for years, and to this day my wife still lays there in quivering amazement!!!! How do you do that to me?? I have never had orgasm’s like this before. She says it’s like I have no control over my body, you just make me like putty in your hands. She will literally soak the sheets with her cum. It’s so good to know that you can make her feel like this anytime.

  2. Dennis on said:

    I been doing this for many years no one taught me,anyway I’ve been married for 40 yrs and my wife still loves it,she still cums 4 to 6 times every time I do oral on her.thank you

  3. Lawrence on said:

    John I’ve been doing these tech’s and others for years now and your right they work boy do they work , let me give you one more excersize I do :-) you know those pudding cups you buy in the store ,the ” jello ” ones well try this – try to eat the pudding without a spoon out of the cup :-) ‘all the way to the bottom do this as often as you can. This will teach you how to reach way up inside of her vagina ! Believe me She will be very glad you did . She will have orgasm after orgasm . Well I hope I have helped my fellow man . Remember don’t ” eat it like you like it , eat it like you love it ! ” :-) :-) :-)

  4. JAMES PAPPA on said:


    • Louis on said:

      Mr Jimmy I try to look you up on FB theres alot of people with same name as you help me out Sir! ! Love to learn your expertise !!

  5. Brian on said:

    1. Suck all of her labia into your mouth.
    2. Work on he clit like she would giving you head sliding your lips/mouth up and down/on and off of it.
    3. Vibrating your head works wonders. Just try shaking your head back and forth very quickly with your neck muscles.
    4. Gently use your teeth to vibrate her clit.
    5. When she is about to orgasm, press down and massage her pubic bone.
    And lastly… After she orgasms, touch her other erogenous zones. Front and back of the knees, small of the back, massage her feet.

    Bonus points for maintaining eye contact and learning what sounds and words that turn her on and help her build to her climax.

    Have fun and be safe lol!

    P. S. I missed out on the 60% deal. Any chance of getting a 6 month supply with that discount?

  6. Rhett Simpson on said:

    Good work John! Who knew?

  7. John K. on said:

    Same position on the edge of the bed but have her feet on your shoulders. My girl loves this cause it allows her to control the level of her hips while I “eat.” Also, from this position, it is very easy to maneuver a finger or two up into her vagina to initiate the proper G-spot strokes for a squirting orgasm. Nothing like having my tongue stroking my girl’s clit while she explodes a squirting orgasm. :)

  8. Kenneth livingstone on said:

    Hay John
    did all you said and used the pillow to pop her up and with the finger in her love zone she came several times and now is demanding more of my oral skill

  9. kaka Ferry on said:

    Good Stuff i Never Be In touch With Thanks I Do It Do Wonders To Girl

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