Otto the Great, the Holy Lance, and The King’s Cross

A statue of Otto I stands in Magdeburg, Germany.

You probably know by now that I’m a huge history buff.  A typical night for me is spent watching documentaries on the History Channel and drinking one or two ice-cold Miller Lites!

Well, I saw a documentary recently on European medieval history that got me pretty excited, so I started reading more about it.  One character from the middle ages really struck me as particularly interesting…his name was Otto the Great.

In August of 936, Otto I (aka Otto the Great) was crowned as the Duke of Saxony and King of Germany.  He inherited the throne after the death of his father, Henry I the Fowler.  He was just 23 years old at the time of his coronation.

Otto was a great leader in battle.  He was forced to put down rebellions by various Dukes in 937 and again in 939, until he unified the all the German tribes under his rule.

Then, in 955, Otto defeated the Magyars – a pagan Hungarian tribe – thereby securing his hold over the Saxon Kingdom and his reputation as the savior of Christendom.

I found a rare text with some unique information about Otto.  It’s called the Vita Mathildis Reginae Posterior (author unknown) and it’s a biography of Otto’s mother, Queen Mother Mathilda.  It was in this ancient book, first published in 1002, that I found a little-known detail about Otto the Great…a detail I knew you’d be interested in and the reason I’m writing today.

During his final defeat of the Hungarians at the Battle of Lechfeld, Otto suffered a serious injury to his back.  The king himself commanded the fifth squadron, the royal legion, and he was thus “fulfilling the duties of both the most valiant of warriors and the most excellent commander.”  The Hungarians outnumbered him 2 to 1, but Otto was determined to drive the pagans from his homeland.

Holy Lance

The Holy Lance mentioned in the Gospel of John.

He carried the Holy Lance (supposedly the very spear that pierced the side of Christ while on the Cross!) and rode directly into his enemies at the head of the royal legion.  In the midst of the fray, the king was knocked from his horse and landed directly on his back, but he quickly re-mounted and whipped his troops into an inspired frenzy.

Otto was victorious in battle that day but apparently his back never fully recovered.  It became much more difficult to exert himself physically, and this troubled the king mainly for one reason: he still needed a true heir to his throne.

By this point, Otto already had six children…four of them sons.  But his favorite, William, was illegitimate.  William was born to a Slavic woman when Otto was very young, and thus unable to succeed him as king.  Otto was convinced none of his other three sons were right for the throne, and he desperately wanted to try once more with his wife, Adelaide of Italy.

After the Battle of Lechfeld, however, the extreme pain in his lower back made it nearly impossible for him to have sex with her!  It was just too painful in most positions, but the king was a clever man and he found a solution: a new sex position to produce his heir.

In Mathilda’s biography, buried within the text, one of the king’s aides describes how Otto overcame the difficulty with his back and was able to successfully make love to his wife:

The king laid on his right side, pillows supporting his upper torso.  Adelaide was on her back as is customary for purposes of fertilization, but positioned at a right angle to the king as in the shape of a Holy Cross.  Her legs draped over the king’s midsection, allowing him facility to fulfill the holy act of royal conception.”

Ultimately, this was how the king and queen were able to conceive the true heir to the throne: Otto II, who ruled upon his father’s death.

When I read that passage, something just clicked in my mind.

I visualized the position it described and realized this could be a tremendous help to many of my guys.  I hear from you often about your difficulties with this very same issue – lower back pain – and, until now, I’d been unable to offer any solid advice.

I called my friend Chris, artist extraordinaire, and asked him to illustrate this position for me.  I think this is the best work he’s done so far, and I’m proud to present the newest of my patented sex positions…I call it: The King’s Cross.

This position is perfect for you if you’ve been experiencing any kind of physical pain: upper/lower back, neck, joint stiffness, arthritis…anything that makes it hard to get into any of the more traditional positions.

But The King’s Cross is also a great position even if you’re NOT having any kind of physical problems, for several reasons…

  • It offers a unique angle of penetration for her, stimulating her “G-Spot” in a way it most likely hasn’t been hit from other positions.
  • It allows you to simultaneously feel the pleasure of penetrating her from behind (as in Doggystyle) while still being able to see her face & her body…it’s the best of both worlds!
  • The King’s Cross is a good “in-between” position…use it to transition from Missionary to Girl-On-Top.
  • It’s ideal when trying to extend the sexual experience.  It’s a great “resting” position so you can call upon your reserves of strength to finish her off in a position which requires more exertion on your part.  In this way, it helps increase your sexual stamina. 

Let me just say this, I tried this position out myself (yes, it’s one the few I’d never heard of before!) and I was amazed…I could relax, look in my girl’s eyes, and still be able to thrust in a way that satisfied her intensely.  I wish I’d learned it years ago!

I have my passion for history to thank for this amazing and lucky find.

Banner of Otto the Great

The reason I identify so much with Otto is that he was a man of action.  At the Battle of Lechfeld, he personally took charge of his men to accomplish the task.  And in a very real way, I can identify with his struggle to solve the problem he faced when his back was injured…

You see, when I was going through my personal trials with erectile difficulty, I faced a choice: I could either give up, or I could find a solution to my problems.  And, just like Otto, I chose to step up, be a man…and fix the problem.

It was this decision which ultimately led to my creation of PHGH…a solution which not only solved my own sexual problems, but has since helped thousands of other men get the kind of rock hard erections they knew they had in them.

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…because what’s more important than sex?  

I’ll let another great character from the Middle Ages – the father of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer – answer that question:

“And what is better than wisdom?  Woman.  And what is better than a good woman?  Nothing.”

Until next time,

John Lawrence

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