PHGH: The Formula & How It Works

I’ve always believed that knowledge is power.  With that in mind, I wanted to share with you the real proof behind the ingredients in the formula for PHGH.

PHGH works to give you harder, thicker, and stronger erections by using ingredients which do one of three things:

• stimulate key hormones for male arousal (such as testosterone)
• increase the flow of blood to your penis
• boost your libido, or sex drive

There have been hundreds of different ingredients which people have claimed to work, but really only a dozen or so which have been proven to work. PHGH contains only these proven ingredients, the ones backed up by scientific studies clearly proving they make you harder, bigger, and have an increased sex drive. (You can see the complete studies by clicking on the links in this article.)

Here’s how each ingredient used in the formula for PHGH works in your body…


Tongkat Ali has been used by men in Southeast Asia for centuries to give them consistent, rock-hard erections and to maximize their sex drive. The most potent form of this mysterious root grows only in North Sumatra, Indonesia…and this is exactly where I get my supply. It’s known to the Batak tribesmen who harvest the root as Pasak Bumi. These tribesmen harvest the Tongkat root of mature trees in the traditional way to guarantee freshness as well as maximum potency. The extraction process, as well, is done the same way it’s been done for hundreds of years.

Modern science has shown us the reason this root is such a powerful natural enhancer. The active compounds in Tongkat stimulate your body’s production of testosterone in the Leydig Cells of the testes. Testosterone, the most important of all sex hormones in the male body, is responsible for sending the signal to your brain to create sexual arousal. This is why the Tongkat Tribesmen have relied on it to keep them virile and potent for years and years.



Tribulus Terrestris comes from a flowering plant which grows all over the world, but the most potent variety is from India (which is where I source this ingredient for PHGH). It has a long history as a male enhancer in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine, where it is known by the name “Gokshura.” Traditionally, it was used to build sexual strength in men by repairing the tissues in the reproductive system. It was also heavily used by men practicing the Tantric sexual arts.

Recent studies have proven that Tribulus Terrestris lives up to its reputation. A study published in the International Journal of Andrology has clearly shown that T. terrestris improves erection strength as well as sexual desire in human subjects. Another study, this one in 2012 in the Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics also proves that Tribulus increases serum testosterone levels.



PHGH contains a whopping 250mg of L-Arginine, making it the backbone of the formula in many ways. Why? Because L-Arginine is the most powerful natural “vasodilator” known to man. A vasodilator is a compound that expands your blood vessels, which is exactly what you need to achieve rock-hard erections at maximum thickness and maximum strength.

You see, to get the kind of erections you had in your 20′s, you need to make sure blood is flowing through your arteries quickly to your penis. An erection is the result of blood filling up the chambers of your penis (the Corpus cavernosum). Without smooth blood-flow, you literally can’t get rock hard.

Multiple studies, including one published in European Urology in 2002, have shown that L-Arginine supplements are extrememly effective at improving Erectile Function in both healthy adult men as well as those with erectile difficulty. It’s absolutely critical to male enhancement.



Epimedium, commonly known as “Horny Goat Weed,” was used centuries ago by acient Chinese emperors to boost their male power and give them the libido and sexual stamina needed to produce hordes of children. More recently, the inventors of the “little blue pill” had difficulty patenting their product because it was so similar to the natural compounds found in Epimedium.

Epimedium works by boosting the amount of nitric oxide in your bloodstream, which expands the blood vessels in your penis to allow more blood in. A placebo-controlled trial published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (Jan. 2013) examined the effects of Epimedium on penile tissue. Subjects who took Epimedium showed significant improvements over the placebo group when it came to rigidity, hardness, and thickness of erection.

I’ve carefully developed my relationship with traditional Chinese herbalists in Beijing to guarantee my formula for PHGH contains only the highest quality Epimedium. I do this for every ingredient, and the reason is simple: higher quality ingredients make more effective supplements.



From high in the Andes mountains of Peru comes one of the most legendary and effective male enhancement ingredients known to modern man. In the Lake Junin of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the root is used to this very day as a medicinal herb and a crucial male aphrodisiac. Inca warriors took large volumes of Maca daily to fuel their strength in battle as well as to fuel their virility and masculinity.

Modern research has shown us Maca, in fact, has a direct and siginificant impact on male sexuality. A 2001 study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology shows us why: Maca increases your volume of semen, sperm count, and sperm mobility. This may have been why the ancient Incas favored Maca so strongly, as it directly increases male virility.

Every batch of PHGH uses Maca Root sourced directly from its native region in Peru, where it still retains its quality and potency to increase sex drive as well as “load size.”



DHEA, short for didehydroepiandrosterone, is one of the most important steroid hormones in human males. It’s produced in your testes and in your brain and it’s critical for your sexual function. The formula for PHGH contains the minimum dosage of this compound, 25mgs, because it’s been shown to be so effective as a male enhancement supplement.

The way DHEA works is by helping your body synthesize testosterone in your bloodstream. Testosterone, as you know by know, is the key hormone which separates men from women…it’s responsible for every male trait: increased muscle mass, facial hair, and the development of male sex organs (your testes and penis). A testosterone shortage is usually what’s behind low sex drive and difficulty getting & maintaining strong erections.

With DHEA supplementation, your body can process this crucial hormone into the physical systems you need operating at full power: libido, blood-flow, and reproductive (your penis itself). Higher testosterone = harder erections, that’s the bottom line.



The native people of Brazil have used the bark of a rainforest tree in a powerful herbal remedy they call Catuaba, which literally means: “what gives strength to the Indian.” Traditionally, they would infuse a liquid with this exotic bark to create a natural aphrodisiac and mental stimulant.

Today, I still go to the Amazon rainforest to source this key ingredient in PHGH. We extract the active compounds from the bark at a local facility to maximize freshness. In fact, my supplier in Brazil deals directly with local Indians for both Catuaba and Muira Puama.

Catuaba bark works by stimulating the mental components of sex drive. This is critical to getting the kind of erections you had in your 20′s (or even younger) because your degree of hardness, size, and thickness all depends on how turned-on you are. To maximize size and hardness, your brain must be sending a powerful chemical signal to where it counts.



Muira Puama is a flowering plant that grows in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil.The name actually means “potency wood” in the native language due to its use as a natural remedy to increase male size and erection strength. The bark of this plant has been used in traditional medicine by the native people of the Rio Negro area of South America for centuries.

The power of Muira Puama comes from its action as a stimulant to the male libido, or sex drive. The active compounds & alkaloids in Muira Puama stimulate key hormones produced in your reproductive system and in your brain. These hormones send the chemical signal to your penis to engage the system for erection. Without a strong sex drive, your erections can never be fully hard or thick.

My philosophy has always been this: if it’s worked for men since ancient times, it’ll work for the men of today as well.



The species Ginkgo biloba grows in the wild in parts of southern China, and this region is where I go for my supply of this potent leaf. The Chinese have used this herb to improve male sexual performance since the ancient Dynasties.

The flavonoids in Ginkgo work to relax your blood vessels and to speed your circulation of blood. As you know, the fast flow of blood to you penis is crucial to achieving a rock-hard erection as soon as you’re aroused. If your blood vessels are resticted or your blood is not flowing quickly, the blood won’t get to your penis fast enough for you to get hard when you need it most.

Ginkgo is also used in many herbal remedies for psychological issues, such as when your mental energy is low or you’re feeling generally less relaxed or optimistic as usual. In this way, Ginkgo also helps to deal with the mental component of sexual performance by helping to relax your mind enough for amazing sex.



L-Carnitine is another important natural compound found in many food sources but often deficient in the modern diet. It’s a huge part of the formula for PHGH because recent research has discovered a real link between L-Carnitine supplementation and improved erection strength and male sexual performance.

An April 2004 study published in Urology showed that L-Carnitine improved the erectile function of older men without producing any negative side effects. Another major study published in Fertility & Sterility (Sept. 2005) showed that L-Carnitine also improves sperm motility and it actually increases your volume of semen.

Why is this important? Two reasons. First, a higher volume of semen actually results in a more pleasurable orgasm for you. Secondly, studies have shown that women associate bigger “load sizes” with increased masculinity along with a more heightened female sexual arousal.


10 proven ingredients, all working together simultaneously to maximize sex drive, arousal, stamina, recovery times, and of course…strength, thickness, hardness, and size of your erection.  This is what it takes for great sex, and these natural ingredients can help you get there.

I encourage you to check out the studies linked here in the article.  And, if you want more information about PHGH or to see the order options, please click HERE.

PHGH is coming up on 100,000 customers, and I’d like to thank you all for being a part of this!


John Lawrence

13 comments on “PHGH: The Formula & How It Works

  1. Bob on said:

    I do have to say I have no complaints with the product .. and comes with good information .

  2. Joe on said:

    Well thank you I have used your product for many re orders I find it a good product. One of the main reasons I’m not ordering again is my current financial situation I’m on only a fixed Social Security with no other income and just can’t afford it , I’m 65 years old and realize over time we loose our powers and this has been a bleeding well for now it’s this or my basic needs food , transportation health insurance
    Thank you for offering a great product I hope one day I can fe buy

    • James Abraham on said:

      Joe, I’m in the same situation as you are. I’m 65 on Social Security. I find PHGH to be an effective product however I get a little heartburn from it. I think it is the Black Pepper that’s added. I am sensitive to it but I try to put up with it because of the benefits I get from PHGH. I will continue to purchase this as long as I can afford it.
      Thanks again for all the work you have done to market this male supplement.

    • Hans van Mourik on said:

      Did you btw know that coffee makes your prostate swell? Better leave it …

  3. George Paul on said:

    Great info. on the natural ingredients John. This gives further credit to your terrific formula and shows your sincerity in putting the best product possible out there. Cheers.

    • John on said:

      This does work. you my nortice in one week or in several, but it does work. Took me two months and to figure it out.

  4. Ed on said:

    Thanks for all the great info! It’s openness and honesty like this that keeps me coming back. I’ve been using PHGH daily for almost 2 years and at 60 y.o. I can still get it up (and keep it up!) like in my 30′s. And I owe that to your products (I also use Mega Endurance for those ‘special’ occasions). I tried the little blue pill but the cost and side effects made it impractical. This is much cleaner and works day in and day out. Thanks mucho and please don’t lose your commitment to quality!

  5. Jay on said:

    I have had mixed results with your product but I can honestly say I feel you are honest, well versed, and have integrity. I would and will recommend your product to anyone. I maybe ordering again…..soon.
    Keep up the effort .

  6. Hans van Mourik on said:

    In general: coffee and calciumrich products make your prostate swell.

  7. art Lachance on said:

    Great product it to some time before I saw a difference but yes it is a good product thank you

  8. Bruce on said:

    I am 54, and have been using phgh every day since Jan 2014. I am very pleased and proof this product really works. My sex drive is as crazy as it was as a teenager. I really dig kissing. I start kissing my girl in a sensual way, and I get a boner within one minute. Of course I live going down on her first, giving her multiple orgasms. She then begs me to put it inside her. At age 54, I have the experience that allot of younger men don’t have and the technique of giving women multiple orgasms. Its listening to what her body is telling me. Knowing when to apply more pressure n speed and then starting over softer and skier. Always having a throbber when I need ur, makes me the master. Fantastic produc John.

  9. Dale on said:

    Do you guys take a pill everyday or what’s recommended, i’ve only taken it a couple times and felt minor changes.

  10. Kevin on said:

    Mixed results. I have used phgh for a few months. My experience it takes some time to kick in to your system, when it does look out. I get more of a libido boost more than anything else. As for harder erections the jury is still out. To be fair on my part I have not kept up with exercising the way I should to help the product work even better.

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