How many calories do you burn during sex?


Today I thought I’d send you another quick sex quiz. And I think the answer’s gonna surprise you.

Q: How many calories do men burn in an average sex session?

  1. 100
  2. 200
  3. 350
  4. 500

A: 100 calories. It’s true: Your best sexual performance will only burn off about 100 calories, according to researchers at the University of Quebec at Montreal.

That’s based on a guy of average weight, using missionary position sex for 30 minutes, including foreplay.

Now, sex is all about pleasure, right? But if you want ‘burning calories’ to be a side benefit of great sex, there are a few things you can do to make it more of a workout.

The obvious first thing is ENDURANCE. The longer you go, the more you’ll burn. For example, if you last just 15 minutes, you’ll only burn about 75 calories. But if you’re into marathon sex, you can expect to easily beat that 100 calorie mark.

And the position you choose can make a huge difference. For example, switching from missionary to reverse cowgirl cuts your calorie burn-off to a measly 56 calories!

But if you like your sex standing up: you’ll use 112 calories!


You’ll burn a lot more calories using a standing position instead of something like missionary or reverse cowgirl.

It’s pretty simple: You’ll burn more calories using standing, squatting, or bending positions than you will lying on your back, or resting most of your weight on top of your woman.

Now, if you REALLY want a workout, choose a position where you’ve gotta either move or lift all or most of her weight. For instance, stand by the edge of the bed, then have her lie on her back and raise her legs onto your shoulders.

But instead of using your basic pelvic thrusting, take her hips in your hands. Then lift her hips and pull her onto you, moving her back and forth. You’ll get a great upper-body workout. In fact, you might have to alternate pumping with sliding, because this is harder than it sounds.

If you’ve got great upper body strength, try the one that always looks so easy in the movies (but really makes sex a workout):

Standing, with her legs are wrapped around you while you support all her weight. That one’ll burn some calories! It’s okay to use the wall to support her back if you need to.

And whenever I get the chance, I love to screw in the water on a secluded beach (if I’ve brought a good lubricant that won’t wash off in the water). You get the thrill of semi-public sex, but it’s also a hell of a workout trying to maintain your balance, even in gentle waves.

Now, your level of ‘enthusiasm’ also determines how many calories you shed.

If your preferred pace is a slow and gentle ‘love me tender,’ you’ll use up less than 75 calories. But if you’re more of a ‘drill master,’ you’ll easily hit 100.

Here’s one last thing, which may or may not surprise you: The more you weigh, the more calories you’ll burn.

That’s right, if you’re in good shape and on the slim side, a round of intense, pull-out-all-the-stops sex isn’t much of a workout at all — and burns less than 80 calories.

But if you need to lose some poundage, try for a 30-minute, standing, full-speed-ahead sex workout — you’ll burn off an amazing 160 calories!

You know that I always stress the importance of having a healthy body so you can have a kick-ass sex life. Well, you can flip that around — and let incredible sex help you have a healthier and more fit body.

Please do me a favor and post your comments below. Do you like to make sex a workout? Or do you prefer the gain without the pain? Tell me what you think.


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