Santa Is One Dirty Old Man (depraved XXXmas card!)


If you want a high-resolution, poster-size image of this XXX-mas card, email me at: and I’ll send it to you!

Merry Christmas,


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61 comments on “Santa Is One Dirty Old Man (depraved XXXmas card!)

  1. John Spear on said:

    Nice card. I want to send this to a couple of special friends.

    Thanks man!!

  2. Regis Eleby on said:

    This is GREAT!!!!

  3. Super funny on said:

    I Love it!!!!

  4. Shawn on said:

    send me poster card

  5. mark gilliam on said:

    i love this send me two

  6. Scott Gross on said:

    I’d love to be Santa’s helper with this woman!!

  7. Scott Powell on said:

    Like card emailed to me.



  8. Justin matthews on said:

    The xxx-mas card is lit. A must share.

  9. Jim Lewis on said:

    Merry Christmas

  10. Patrick Brennan on said:

    Love it! Please send me one. Thanks

  11. Bob on said:


  12. Kevin on said:

    Awesome card, love it.

  13. Dave on said:

    Way better than milk and cookies only…Always figured Santa had a naughty side! Looks like she is getting two gifts.

  14. Thomas Dunham on said:

    A must try position!! With the help of PHGH someone’s in trouble!

  15. Charles on said:

    That’s my Santa! !!!

  16. Skip on said:

    Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a little loven!

  17. clyde on said:

    I like the position of the action

  18. Furman Roberts on said:

    Kool pic!!!!!!

  19. Dariusz on said:

    That’s great!… but still wait for solution to get PHGH in Ireland.

  20. FRANK TAYLOR on said:

    ho HO ho

  21. Trent Cornish on said:

    Send me the Santa getting busy Christmas card

  22. Dennis on said:

    I want the card

  23. Powell YU on said:

    Crazy~ Cheers!! XD

  24. awang on said:

    Send me the card….merry xxxmas

  25. Joe on said:

    Santa does know how to strap them!

  26. Larry Goldsmith on said:

    That’s what I call a REAL F__cking XMAS gift

  27. Porky on said:

    Okay, now I know……..when Santa’s yelling “Ho Ho Ho” he is actually calling for his favorite Elf!! LOL Watch out for Rudolf little Elf…..

  28. Jeremiah on said:

    This is awesome! I’ll have a poster please

  29. Juan J. Massu on said:

    I will replace the candy…… haahahahahaj

  30. Robert D. Stith on said:

    WOW, I used to play Santa and I quit too soon, love the card could I have one please!

  31. John Spencer on said:

    Unlucky for him, he only comes once a year.

  32. Jean-Michel Meyzer on said:

    I love it , please send it to me

  33. Al on said:

    Great card!!!
    send me a copy of it.


  34. Brad on said:

    Its awesome!!!

  35. Arias on said:

    Niceeeeeee send me one

  36. desmond on said:

    yes email me this please

  37. Paul Satterwhite on said:

    That’s what I’m working on . Send me one

  38. charles graham on said:


  39. charles graham on said:


  40. Mike on said:

    someone having a christmas like I am

  41. Rahul Kumar on said:

    Nice move I wanna try this it makes the Christmas unforgettable

  42. Jeff on said:

    Santa giving some Christmas cheer

    Send me a poster

  43. Dave Gentry on said:

    Just PERFECT!! I Love the Holidays!!
    Please send me one!
    Thank You!
    Merry Christmas!!

  44. David on said:

    I love it this is a good card like it

  45. Mike Foy on said:

    Merry Christmas!…LOL!

  46. Eddie on said:

    Yes I want one or two please.

  47. Marc on said:

    HO HO HO

  48. Adegboyega Taiwo on said:

    What a Santa clause way to say Merry Christmas! Send the card Lawrence…

  49. Randall Crawford on said:

    Loved it, Send me more

  50. Milton C on said:

    Love the pic, its original can I have one.

  51. Nick on said:

    Send me this.

  52. David on said:

    Excellent!! I think I’ll now be doing that on Christmas Eve with my wife for sure, especially since seeing that now. And yes, please send me one, It’s great!!

  53. Calvin Mtwa on said:

    SEX is GREAT!!!!!!!!. Please send me one Lawrence.

  54. WAYNE PRATT on said:


  55. Randall Crawford on said:

    Yes I would be interested in paying postage, just let me know how much. I never got a preview of other ones. Looking forward to seeing them. Thanks Randall.

  56. Kelly on said:

    That is so awesome John :-D we can’t stop laughing ! What a visual man. I mean, Santa needs lovin’ too

  57. Brad on said:

    It’s the ultimate Xmas present

  58. Samuel on said:

    Nice one there.. Santa needs some SEXING too!! LOL!!

  59. Joe on said:

    Now that’s f****** funny I’ll take one

  60. Franco on said:

    Please send me the card thanks

  61. Tom on said:

    Love it ! Send me one please & Thank you !

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