Sex In Your 20′s: Why It Was Better & How To Have It Again

sex in your 20's


If you were to ask me,

“What were the best days of your life?”

…I’d answer without hesitation and tell you:

“I’m living the best days of my life right now.”

And that’s the truth, because as I’ve gotten older I’ve picked up some important lessons:

  • I learned how to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.
  • I learned how to slow down…I’m in much less of a hurry now. 
  • I learned the true value of my family, my friends, and most of all, my health.

But if you were to ask me THIS question,

“What was the most fun you ever had in your life?”

…I’d give you a completely different answer.

Ideally, I’d pour you a stiff drink, sit down with you, and tell you the whole crazy story.

The most fun I ever had in my life was during a couple wild years in my mid-20′s.

It was right after I finished college, but before I started my career in the adult film business.

I had just graduated from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA with a degree in Anthropology.  At the time, I could never have imagined just how useful that field of study would become later in my life.  It came into play while I was developing the formula for PHGH, as I travelled around the world exploring the use of medicinal herbs by diverse and ancient cultures.

But in 1992 I was 23 years old and all I wanted to do was some exploring of another kind…

I wanted to explore the bodies of as many beautiful young women as possible.

And that’s exactly what I decided to do.

I packed my bags, threw them into the trunk of my beat-up ’77 AMC Gremlin, and I hit the road.  Gremlin1I didn’t know exactly where I was going, but I didn’t really care.  I wasn’t in a hurry to start a career yet…hell, I had no idea what I even wanted to do for a career.  I had some money saved up from my college job delivering pizzas, and I had ZERO responsibilities.

I took off for Atlantic City, NJ.  My bright idea was to turn my $2,500 into $25,000 at the roulette tables.  It could have been a disaster…but I got lucky.  I left “AC” with twice as much money as I had arrived there with – not quite 25 grand, but enough to keep me on the road for awhile.

I ended up spending about a year and a half traveling around the country in that old Gremlin: having adventures, making friends, getting into a few scrapes…and having sex with a whole lot of women.

I went to New York, Philly, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Austin, and Vegas before I ended up in Los Angeles.  I spent time in each one of those distinctive cities and I got to meet some amazing women everywhere I went across this great land of ours.

I was only in LA for a few weeks before I somehow found my way into the porn biz…but that’s another story for another day.

The reason I’m digging so deep into the past is because I truly believe almost everyone can relate to the feeling of nostalgia we all have for that exciting period of our lives: our mid-20′s.

I’m convinced that this time of our lives has created such a powerful impression in our memory because the SEX we were having in our 20’s was so incredible.

I know everyone’s story is a little different, but I’m positive there’s a few things we all have in common.  I want you to think back to your own younger days…really try to visualize the kind of sex you were having back then.

Now, the question I have to ask at this point is this:

WHY was the sex so much better in our 20’s?

To answer this question, we have to be willing to be 100% honest with ourselves.

I sat down recently and I really thought about the kind of sex I was having during that exciting decade of my life.

I came to the conclusion that there were four main factors which made my sex life so rewarding when I was in my 20’s:

  1. My erections were consistently rock hard, thick, & strong.
  2. I had a huge amount of sexual stamina…I could last for hours.
  3. My libido, or sex drive, was at peak levels.
  4. I could also recover quickly and get super hard again right after an orgasm.
  • Let’s face it, truly mind-blowing sex is only possible when your erections are at full power.

All of these elements have to be in play if you truly want to be able to give a woman one earth-shattering orgasm after another.

Remember what it’s like to feel her body shivering in ecstasy, and to know it’s all because of YOU?

Remember how it feels to hear her screaming your name because you just blew her mind?

These kinds of sexual thrills are literally only possible when your erections are at the same level of full-tilt hardness they were when you were 20 years old.

When you were still in your 20’s, your body was in its prime: you were naturally producing strong erections, you had a high sex drive, and your stamina was intense.  These conditions all came together to produce a “perfect storm” in your body which made sex incredible for you and for the women in your life.

Now let’s jump back to the present day, 2013…

You’re a little older and a lot wiser, but in terms of your sexual performance, you’ve probably noticed a decrease in some of the areas I just mentioned:

  • your erections may not be as hard,
  • you might not last as long or have as much stamina,
  • your sex drive is probably lower,
  • and it’s definitely not as easy for you to have multiple rounds of sex like you used to.

It’s difficult for many of us to come to terms with the reality that as we’ve gotten older, our bodies have started to slow down a little.  In the end, it’s just a “fact of nature”…but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

I’m here to tell you that you DON’T have to just accept the “fact” that your sex life isn’t as thrilling as it used to be…

You CAN choose to make a positive change in your life.

There IS something you can do to reverse the process of aging and regain the kind of sexual power you had when you were 23 years old.

Remember at the top of this article when I told you that I was living the best days of my life right now?  Well, the real reason for it is this:

The truth of the matter is, I’m 44 years old and right now I’m having the best sex of my life.

But ten years ago it was a different story…I was at an all-time low.

I felt my sexual performance start to slow down right when my porn career was hitting its peak (I got into the business a little later than most guys).  I was losing strength in my erections, I struggled with stamina, AND I had a harder time recovering after orgasm…for a male porn star, this is all bad news.

I was unable to accept the idea of having an “average” sex-life – let alone the idea that I’d have to abandon my career in the adult business – so, like many men, I turned to prescription medication to improve my performance.

Initially, those pills did work for me, but the cost to my health was tremendous.  Beyond that, I was spending a fortune on prescriptions just to be able to do my job!  I needed something different…

I wanted an herbal, 100% natural solution to the problems I was facing with my sagging libido.

But nothing on the market was working for me.  Eventually, I took matters into my own hands and I began to research, develop, and produce my own supplement for men’s sexual enhancement: PHGH.

That Anthropology degree from college sure came in handy when I needed some fresh ideas for organic & herbal sexual health remedies.  I turned to some of the world’s ancient cultures for answers, many of which have been using these herbs for this exact reason for centuries.

I selected specific herbs for PHGH to combat the actual problems I was facing in my own sex life:

1) Hardness: Strong, Thick, & Powerful Erections

This is really the most pivotal and important problem, because without a solid and powerful erection, nothing else really matters.

To improve the power of my erections, I turned to an ancient Chinese herb called Epimedium, or “Horny Goat Weed.”

This leafy weed actually causes your blood vessels to open up and expand, thus allowing more blood to flow directly to your penis…which is exactly what you need for thick, rock-hard erections.

2) Stamina: Longer-Lasting Erections

We all know that women take a longer time to climax…if you can’t go the distance, she’ll never get there.  There’s nothing worse than disappointing her with an early or premature finish.

To regain the sexual stamina I had in my 20’s, I chose a mysterious root from Indonesia called Tongkat Ali.  I actually visited the jungles of that country while I was searching for the highest-quality ingredients.

The tribesmen I spent time with over there had no idea how or why Tongkat Ali allowed them to have sex for hours and hours.  But they honestly didn’t care…all they cared about was the fact that it worked.  That’s why they consumed it everyday.  Results are all I care about as well, and that’s why Tongkat Ali is still in my formula for PHGH today.

3) Libido: High Sex Drive

For this issue, I knew I need to address Testosterone.  Your T-levels are directly responsible for keeping your sex drive in full gear, as well as for your ability to get and keep a strong erection.

Low T-levels mean low sex drive & weak erections…it’s that simple.

To boost my levels and to rebuild my libido, I selected a potent herb called Tribulus Terrestris which actually stimulates production of Testosterone.  Tribulus is at the very heart of the recipe for PHGH because its power to get your T-levels back up to where they need to be is legendary.

4) Multiple Rounds: Fast Recovery Time

Now, for me, this was one of the things I remember the most from my sex life in my 20’s…

I could bounce back fast right after an orgasm and be ready to go at it again within minutes.

Some of my friends seemed to think solving this problem was almost impossible, but I knew they were wrong.  I knew if I applied myself, kept researching, and kept working on my formula, I would get results in this area.

I stumbled onto another medicinal root called Maca.  This root was used by the ancient Incas for the very same reason I’m using it: it improves your overall sexual performance, and it specifically boosts your ability to regain an erection very shortly after an orgasm.  Again, the Incas had no idea why Maca was effective, it was just a part of their tradition and they knew it got results.

Maca, has another interesting and positive side-effect: studies have shown that daily intake of Maca actually increases your sperm count AND your volume of semen.  I know this is important to many women out there, and that’s why it’s important to me…it should also be important to you.

Look, I know your sex life is at the top of the list in terms of your overall quality of life.  It’s definitely at the top of mine.

I went through a very painful experience when my own sex drive started to decrease and my erections became weak and short-lived.

But I decided to do something about it:

  • I’ve done the research.
  • I’ve done the experimentation.
  • I’ve travelled the world to find the highest-quality ingredients.
  • I built solid relationships with labs to produce a top-notch product.
  • I’m constantly striving to improve and to find new things to make your sex life better.
  • I’ve committed my entire life to helping men like you rediscover the pleasure, excitement, and pure joy of sex you felt when you were in your 20’s.

I made a choice to take back my life.

And so can you.

I urge you to try just one bottle of my unique and, I believe, truly revolutionary men’s sexual health supplementPHGH.box2bluebg

Please take a good, hard look at all the information on the website for PHGH…

…and order PHGH right here.

You’ve really got nothing to lose – I’m proud to offer a no-questions-asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee if there’s any reason you’re not fully satisfied with this supplement.  And you’ve got a lot to gain by trying my product: the best sex of your life.

You’ll be amazed what one bottle of this exclusive formula can do for you.

  • I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to start having the kind of intense, spiritually fulfilling, and just plain physically mind-blowing sex you once had in your wild and careless 20’s.

It’s possible, and it’s just a click away…

Order PHGH now.

Don’t take my word for it.  Try the product and let me know what you think.  Nothing makes me happier than hearing about your success stories.

Thank you for your time, and for continuing to inspire me…you’re the whole reason I created this product and this company.


John Lawrence

4 comments on “Sex In Your 20′s: Why It Was Better & How To Have It Again

  1. John Walingtonl on said:

    Hi John ,
    Have been on the PHGH now for a couple of weeks now !!
    Am in good shape and was having reasonable sex before ; does it improve with time on the supplement ? It has made a difference already , but not ‘massively ‘ yet .

  2. Kevin on said:


    I am a Single Male early 40′s and plan to purchase this product today. Love your blog’s john great info, need your help john more like advice. I am consistently pulling women in their early to mid 20′s and believe me i love it lol. I am in decent shape and workout and eat pretty healthy, My erections are good but can get better that’s why I’m purchasing your product. My problem is i think i watch to much porn , and pretty sure it affects me when i have an actual women in bed. Any advice on how to cut down the porn watching or cut it out completely? Any advice you can shed on the subject is much appreciated. By the way love the ’77 Gremlin lol.

    Newark N.J.

  3. Robert Blaser on said:

    John. . I Liked your blog. Wish I still had the stamina I had back then. I never knew as much as I know now about how to please my wife…but she has lost her drive. I need some help to get her to want to have sex. I’m 69 and have disappointed her too many times in bed. Premature/shrinking too soon/not taking her all the way. I can understand why she doesn’t want to have sex very often. Six weeks?? How do I get her to want to do it more often. She says we are over weight and should loose weight, her excuse because I have satisfied her at this weight…??? I’m on the PHGH, should I increase the dose to stay hard longer. Is there something for women? I’m reaching and looking for suggestions and advice?? HELP me…BOB

    • A Farrell on said:

      Does this product work for a 74 year old?

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