The Female Orgasm Decoded

Few things are as mysterious or as fascinating as the elusive female orgasm.

It can all be summed up by the question: “Is she faking it?” I’ll be the first to admit that with some women it can be difficult to know for sure…and nothing is more frustrating than having to ask, “Was it good for you?”

The reason female orgasms are so complicated has to do with the fact that there’s not just one but several different types. What makes it even trickier is the fact that every woman has very different (and very unique ways) of reaching her climax.

That’s why I’ve decided to go over the specific kinds of female orgasms in this article. I’ll also give you some tips on how to “read” your girl’s body for signs to help you maximize her orgasmic potential.

Most importantly, I’m including a top-level technique which works on almost every woman to guarantee they reach an explosive orgasmeven if they’ve never had one before! You’ll find an exclusive chart below illustrating the step-by-step process in my technique.

If you take a look at some recent statistics, you’ll see why this is a big deal…

  • As many as 80% of women can’t reach orgasm from just intercourse
    - Planned Parenthood
  • Roughly 40% of women are dissatisfied with their frequency of orgasm
    - Kinsey Report
  • 1 out of every 3 women have trouble reaching orgasm with a partner
    - Brown University

4 Female OrgasmsThere are actually four unique kinds of female orgasms, and I’d like to go into some detail about each one.

1) Clitoral Orgasm
This is the most common and the easiest for a woman to achieve. When young women first start exploring their own bodies, this is the kind of orgasm they experience.

Clitoral orgasms are achieved through direct stimulation of the clitoris…whether it’s through oral sex, fingering, or by grinding your pelvis against the clit during sex (which is why the Girl-On-Top position is so effective at creating this kind of orgasm).

The clitoris is extremely sensitive…in fact, it has 8,000 nerve endings! That’s why you’ve got to approach it slow & gentle at first, and gradually increase your speed and intensity. The clit also tends to swell and change positions when she’s highly aroused. The key is, when you’ve found a pattern & a speed you know is working…just stick to it, and you’ll take her to completion.

The G-Spot is named after the man who discovered it: Ernst Grafenberg.

The G-Spot is named after the man who discovered it: Ernst Grafenberg.

2) G-Spot Orgasm
The G-Spot was discovered by German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg in the late 1940′s, and it changed the way we think about the female orgasm.

Over the years, however, there has been much debate over its exact location, structure, and even its existence! The conclusion among researchers is that the G-Spot orgasm is, of course, a very real thing, but that it’s located in a slightly different place for each woman.

Based on my own experience with women, I’d tend to agree…but I’d also add that it’s really not difficult to locate your girl’s G-Spot. With your fingers, you simply reach in and scoop upwards until you feel a soft, spongy tissue.  That’s the spot, and you’ll know when you’ve hit it based on her reaction.

Most women will exhibit some of these key responses: uncontrollable shaking of the legs, tensing of the upper thighs, faster breathing, etc. The best position to create a G-Spot Orgasm is Missionary, due to the angle of penetration. (see “The Wishbone” for a powerful Missionary variation)

3) Deep Spot Orgasm
This type of orgasm is more difficult to achieve, and many women have never experienced this. That’s why it’s so important to understand how it works…because if you can give your girl her first deep spot orgasm, she’ll associate YOU with one of the most intense experiences of her life.

The Deep Spot Orgasm can only be reached through penetration, and only when she’s already at more elevated states of arousal. That’s why it typically happens during the 2nd or 3rd round of sex, when her vagina is lubricated enough to allow you to reach much closer to her cervix.

Any position from behind is best for this kind of orgasm, either regular Doggystyle or any variation (such as “The Atomic Dog”). The key is, you’ve got to be rock hard for round 2 and 3, or you’ll have no chance of giving her one.

My old friend and squirting orgasm specialist, Shawna Lenee.

My old friend and squirting orgasm specialist, Shawna Lenee.

4) Squirting Orgasm
Many of you have heard me mention this kind of orgasm before, and there’s a reason for it: the squirting orgasm is easily the most intense orgasm any woman can experience.

There’s a common myth about this kind of orgasm…that only certain women can have it. Well, I’d like to take this opportunity to say it’s absolutely NOT true. The fact is, any woman can have a squirting orgasm…if you use the right technique.

The squirting orgasm is most often the result of two other kinds of orgasms happening simultaneously: the clitoral and the G-Spot. That’s why the best way to bring her to one is through an advanced fingering technique…something I like to call “The Double Trouble.”

Here’s an exclusive diagram I developed with my long-time friend and former colleague from adult films, Shawna Lenee:

The Double Trouble
As you can see in the diagram, this technique is going to take some practice. But don’t worry…she’ll love the experience even if it doesn’t result in a squirting orgasm the first time! At the very least, you should be able to give her either a clitoral or a G-Spot orgasm independently.

Now, there are two reasons I recommend using an advanced fingering technique like this.

First, most women are used to orgasming from manual stimulation for an obvious reason…it’s how they satisfy themselves! It’s easier for women to cum from this kind of double fingering than it is from intercourse. If your girl has trouble “getting there” during sex, I’d recommend this technique right after the first round of sex to get her super wet and super excited.

And that ties into the second reason why I like using a fingering technique during sex…because it gives you a chance to recover some energy after your own first orgasm.

What I like to do is this: warm her up with some oral sex just to get things going, then go ahead and start penetrating her when I’m ready (because I get turned on from giving her oral). Then after my first orgasm, I’ll slide down and use this fingering technique to make sure she cums…and then right when she’s exploding in orgasm, I’ll get back to intercourse without delay. It’s this layered strategy that really keeps her momentum building so she has multiple and deep spot orgasms.

As you know, it’s absolutely critical for you body to be in top sexual shape in order to achieve the kind of maximum strength erections it takes to give her these kinds of higher-level orgasms.

That’s why I urge all my customers to maintain a daily regime of PHGH rather than just taking it before sex. Yes, it does kick your libido and sex systems into overdrive when you need it…but I find it’s much better to keep your body on a consistent plateau in terms of the testosterone and the other hormones you need to keep your sexual performance at its best.

Now, I want you to give “The Double Trouble” a try tonight! And then I want you to write me and tell me how this technique worked for you.

As always, be open to new ideas with sex and be adventurous…women love that in a man, and it makes for more excitement and deeper sexual connections.

Until next time,

John Lawrence

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  1. Bruce on said:

    Can’t wait to do this John. Thanks

  2. james on said:

    hi john,thanks for the squirters the past i has some natural squirters in relationship so i thought it was just from penetration.cant wait to try this

  3. Bobby on said:

    I will try this tonight been married 27 years never to old to learn new things thanks for the article and shawna’s picture man she’s hot!

  4. JJ on said:

    Thanks John, I love this info.

  5. ashwin on said:

    I can’t believe you gave away all this for free! I also can’t wait to try the Double Trouble!

  6. tiwha81 on said:

    Thanks for the info John will try all techniques.

  7. dennis on said:

    thanks for the explanation of the the squirting orgasm i only had one real squirter and actually thought she just peed but it was intense thanks can`t wait to try… today

    • Charlie on said:

      Nope, it is most certainly NOT pee! I have been most fortunate to have experienced more than just a few women who squirted. But there does seem to be some variety in the way that it comes about. I’ve experienced a woman getting profusely wet, to spraying, or squirting out a stream of liquid, to a couple that just about literally gushed, and did so repeatedly.

      I think a big part of it depends on the woman, and how comfortable she is with her own sexuality to let herself go, or rather “cum” to that degree.

  8. Rich on said:

    We are an over 70 couple and have been doing double trouble for afew years
    She does the clit I do the g spot
    Great orgasms better than when were young

  9. Arason Paul on said:

    hey John, thanks for your best technique to help me improve in my life with my partner… Congrats in your work

  10. Bruce on said:

    This works fantastically incorperated with my other techniques John. I treat my lady like a Queen anyway. This added technique has made her so comfortable in bed. She has the confidence and trust in me and herself to truly enjoy our sex life. I don’t know what else to say but EOW, WOW, WOW. Let the good times roll!

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    Definitely am going to try this technique. Will let you know the outcome. Thanks for the info

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    Thank John for adding in this circle. Im excited to try this technique.
    I would love to see my girl squirt.

  14. Charlie on said:

    Brothers, there may be even some more and different “spots” that our Lovely Ladies may have. With a Lady Friend of mine here awhile back, I found some “spots” that I had never encountered before with anyone, and that she herself didn’t even know she had! Sometimes those most “pleasant surprises” really work!

    And, we all have to remember, that not all men and all women were created “equal”, so to speak. What I have found over my adult life time with being intimate with several partners, is that each one is always slightly different….I think it to be a part of that which makes every one of us an unique individual.

    When I’m starting out with a new Lady, I’ll tell myself, and usually her as well: “Heey, I’m a xx-year old virgin, lets just “learn” about each other together!”

  15. Brett chapman on said:

    Thank you.

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