The Kama Sutra: WORST Sex Advice In History?

As a man who’s committed to improving the quality of your sexual performance, I’m sure you’re familiar with history’s most infamous sex manual: The Kama Sutra.

Written in India in the 2nd century, this book catalogs 64 complex sex positions meant to enhance sexual pleasure and deepen the spiritual connection between lovers.

For over a thousand years, couples have attempted these positions in an effort to add variety and excitement to their sex lives…

Well, I’m here today to tell you why the Kama Sutra might be the WORST thing to ever happen to your sex life.

Let me explain…

Years ago, during my very first week in the adult film business, I was amazed by some of the sexual techniques I witnessed. I stared in disbelief at the wild, acrobatic positions other performers twisted themselves into.

Noticing how impressed I was, one of the other guys on set — a longtime adult-film veteran — took me aside.

“You know, you can pull these moves off, too,” he told me. “I’ll bring something in tomorrow to show you how it’s done.”


The Kama Sutra is full of bad advice, in my opinion.

The next day, he brought me an old dog-eared book. It was his personal copy of the Kama Sutra.

The positions the book described, many with strange names like “The Congress of the Cow,” were illustrated with old drawings of people that looked like pretzels joined at the pelvis.

But I was sure I’d found my magic bullet. These ancient Indian sex secrets were going to turn me into an adult film legend, I thought.

Well, by the end of two weeks trying these positions out, my thigh and calf muscles felt like they were on fire. My back was so sore that whenever the cameras weren’t rolling, I had to wear a heating pad.

The women weren’t too pleased with the results, either. Some of them complained of sore legs, sore backs…and, more important, most of them told me they could NOT reach orgasm in those difficult positions.

In my opinion, the bottom line is this: The Kama Sutra is full of bad advice and lousy, unrealistic, & uncomfortable sex positions.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so…

A study conducted by the National University of Mumbai in India, the country the Kama Sutra comes from, determined that about 24 of the book’s positions require special physical training to do correctly.

In fact, this research found that almost a third of the positions are basically physically impossible.

Today, I’ve selected four positions found in the Kama Sutra which I think are particularly impractical and definitely NOT pleasurable…

…and I’ve also come up with some of my own well-tested variations of these positions. These are techniques designed for you to use to help your woman achieve full-body, mind-blowing orgasms.


Kama Sutra Suspended Congress

“Suspended Congress” is downright dangerous.

In this position, you stand with your back braced against a wall. The idea is, you’re supposed to hold up her full weight in your hands! And from this position, she’s the one in control of the penetration, the tempo, and the intensity of the sex…not you.

The first problem is, this is a dangerous position for you because it poses a high risk for a back injury. It’s dangerous for her because if you lose your grip, she could fall…injuring her tailbone (not to mention the possibility that she’ll bend or even fracture your penis when she falls).

And more importantly, you’re just NOT going to be delivering any world-class orgasms in this position. The angle is all wrong, and your weight distribution will prevent you from delivering thrusts with any real power.


The Wall Banger

It’s a similar position, but with the woman’s back against the wall. You’re still holding her up with cupped hands, but you now have the flat surface of the wall to share the weight and lighten the load. This allows you to administer more powerful and much deeper thrusts from the strength of your legs.

From this position, you can elevate her legs more comfortably…giving you a clear vantage point to hit her “G-Spot.” It’s also easier for her to wrap her arms around your neck for extra support, and strengthen the emotional connection of face-to-face contact. Plus, this position allows you to control the speed and depth of the penetration, to properly pace and deliver a powerful climax for you both.


Kama Sutra Bridge

The “Bridge,” one of the Kama Sutra’s least pleasurable positions.

It’s hard to imagine a more uncomfortable and less pleasurable girl-on-top position than this one. It’s basically an advanced yoga pose…with a woman riding you.

With your feet flat on the floor, you’re supposed to bend backwards until your hands are braced on the floor behind you, arching your torso like a bridge.

I don’t have to tell you that this puts immense strain on your legs, arms, and back muscles. It also gives you no control over the penetration, which has to be managed by her while her entire body weight is on your pelvis.

It’s clearly dangerous and it’s definitely not pleasurable. Perhaps the biggest reason this Kama Sutra position is such a bad idea is because when you’re physically taxed like this, there’s no way to make a deep emotional connection with your woman…let alone actually enjoy yourself!


The Slow Rider

This is a woman-on-top, reverse-cowgirl position that provides the maximum support to your back, shoulders, and pelvis.

Sitting with your back against a sloping bed rest or pillow, bend your knees slightly upwards with your feet flat and legs slightly apart. Straddling your pelvis, she faces away from you, controlling her movements with her hands braced on the floor and her chest resting on your forelegs.

This position gives you strong support and allows for deep, rear-entry-style penetration. Hold onto her ass and lean back…you’ll be hitting her “Deep Spot” center from this angle which is a key trigger for an explosive female orgasm.


Kama Sutra Anvil

The Anvil is an absurd position.

The Kama Sutra praises this position for providing the deepest man-on-top penetration possible. On her back, your partner lifts her legs straight up, without bending them, and braces them against your shoulders. In the drawing to the right, the Kama Sutra has a couple making love on a horse but other versions have the man sitting on the ground.

Either way, this ridiculous position puts her back at an absurd and uncomfortable angle. It forces her legs straight which tends to quickly cramp her calves and wear out her thighs. And the fact is, any painful or even physically awkward position for her basically destroys the possibility of her having an orgasm.

And for you, “The Anvil” provides absolutely no way to actually create motion through thrust. This is honestly my least favorite position in the entire Kama Sutra. I believe it’s potentially dangerous and I’m glad to be able to call this out for what it is: ludicrous.


The Butterfly

This is a fantastic “standing” position for you…use a desk, table, or the bed itself to get her to the right level. The woman starts out in a similar position to “The Anvil,” but while on her back, she raises her buttocks a few inches up. You can hold them with your hands, or brace her lower back and upper buttocks with a pillow for extra support.

She again rests her legs against you, but bends her knees to let her calves rest on your shoulders. From this position, your penetration will be deep and satisfying without hitting her cervix or causing any discomfort. You’re also free to manually stimulate her clitoris, adding another powerful dimension to her orgasm.

Plus, you’ll have a better view of her body and the penetration itself, which keeps you in the game. After all, they say men get turned on by what they see. (Why do you think the Kama Sutra is almost always illustrated?)


Kama Sutra Balancing Act

“The Balancing Act”: not actually possible.

The Kama Sutra always seems to be at its craziest when the woman is on top. Many of the book’s female-superior positions push the boundaries of what’s believable, and this is a prime example.

For this, you’re on your back, with your legs bent up and open, feet off the ground. You open your legs wide enough for her to slip between them and get on top…but here’s the kicker: her legs are also bent up with her feet off the ground.

In many illustrations of this position, the woman’s not holding on to anything at all. Her legs are completely bent up with her knees almost touching her ears. Her entire weight’s being held up by your penis and nothing else. It’s honestly just not a viable position…and even if it was, it’s putting you in the least pleasurable angle of entry possible. This also seems like a high-risk position for a potentially serious, penis-damaging injury.


The French Dip

In this variation,  your woman is still on top…but, unlike the Kama Sutra version, this position doesn’t require you to defy the laws of physics.

For this, you’re both seated and facing each other. You cross your legs, and she gets on top with her legs wrapped around your waist.  Hold onto her ass or lower back, and simply get into a natural rhythm with her. Here, both of you are in a good position to give as much as you get. You’re solidly hitting her “G-Spot” and her breasts are front and center, right where you want them.

Also, it’s perhaps the most intimate of all of the positions we’ve discussed here. The two of you are face-to-face. Use this opportunity to make deep eye contact, and communicate with her emotionally and spiritually. It’s an effective and romantic route to mutual orgasm.

I’m positive these body-friendly alternatives to the Kama Sutra will allow you to explore and find new paths to pleasure without any risk of strain or discomfort. Sex is all about pleasure, and these positions are designed to provide the maximum for both of you.

I’m confident that — combined with the added stamina, increased erection strength, and intensified sex drive provided by my premier, all-natural men’s formula, PHGH — these positions can take your performance to higher levels both physically and emotionally.

You can learn more about PHGH and its unique formula right here.

For your health,

John Lawrence

P.S. And don’t forget to write to me at to let me know all about your experiences with these great new positions.

16 comments on “The Kama Sutra: WORST Sex Advice In History?

  1. ange on said:

    That was interesting reading

  2. David on said:

    Karma Sutra was good for opening the mind for new adventures. I didn’t try many of the positions when it came in the fit of passions.

    One I didn’t try was hanging her, from ceiling in a basket, and spinning her into orgasm.

    • Skip on said:

      That position is not only good for spinning her into passion, my friend – it will blow your mind when done correctly!

  3. DJ on said:

    I was an eastern philosophy major in college. That was my first exposure to the Kama Sutra. What has been lost to westerners is this one fact. The Kama Sutra wasn’t written for the average guy. It is an advanced tantric yoga sex manual meant for yoga Masters. Note the term Masters. You must be one to even get into most of those positions. If you aren’t at this level you will be nowhere close to flexible enough. At best you’ll give up before hurting yourself and at worst you may well do serious permanent damage – especially to your back. My advice is the same as yours.. Unless you are a yoga master the Kama Sutra belongs on the coffee table not in the bedroom.

  4. cw aLLEN on said:


  5. DannyBarnes on said:

    what is the best way to get a women off all I can come up with is sucking the clit

  6. jonty669 on said:

    I’ve often wondered at some of the Kama Sutra positions, and believed that for many one had to be an advanced yoga practitioner to be physically able to perform them let alone get pleasure out of them. It is illuminating that sex-industry professionals share the same opinions! Thanks for the advice, John and Shawna. Keep it up…

  7. Fabian Guerra on said:

    Thank you very much for your very interesting description and in sexual positions, wow!

  8. girish on said:

    my girlfriend like slow rider always.

  9. ARHE on said:

    That was interesting reading

  10. subhash verma on said:

    the ancient science of kamsutra is very feasible n required in today’s time as well.
    the best technology of sex.

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  12. Jayanta on said:

    This is an interesting one. Good for everybody.

  13. Tuan Truong on said:

    Karma Sutra is important to grave document we refer to, but there are so many difficult position where a couple can not practice.
    I agree with your analysis & improvement suit everyone can practice.
    Thanks to your efforts!

  14. epiphany on said:

    I like the butterfly and the anvil ones…

  15. joseph on said:

    perfect body and soul position if fits all

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