Advanced Oral Sex Techniques

The whole foundation of this blog — and, in fact, the cornerstone of my work — was built around one central idea:

It’s not only possible, but it’s absolutely essential to improve your sexual performance…to get better at sex.

I operate on the premise that there are indeed higher levels of sex…and that men who take it seriously can learn new skills (at any age) and reach those advanced levels.

I know the following to be true…

→ By learning proven techniques you can create deeper, more intense, more pleasurable, and more explosive orgasms in women.

→ By mastering complex and advanced positions you can target & stimulate female “pleasure zones” that neither of you may even have been aware of.

→ By using stamina “tricks” you can increase your endurance and perform for marathon sexual sessions.

→ By supplementing your diet with potent herbs & roots (such as those used in the formula for PHGH), you can strengthen the hardness, size, and thickness of your erections to penetrate her deeper and more completely than she’s ever experienced.

And I know these techniques are effective because I hear from men everyday who have studied them, practiced them, and successfully put them to use.

These men have indeed become better at sex, and their wives & girlfriends have been exposed to new kinds of orgasms they’d previously never felt during sexual penetration.

That brings me to the reason I’m writing today…

No matter how advanced you become at sexual penetration — which does offer the most intense and arguably the most addictive kinds of orgasms for women — one must never forget the importance of another kind of female stimulation: cunnilingus, or oral sex.

Why is it so important? A quick look at the data gives you some crucial insight:

  • According the Kinsey Institute: 70-80% of women have trouble reaching orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone.
  • In The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior (1993): 18% of women report a preference for oral sex to achieve orgasm.
  • A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (Vol. 7) indicates that: “women are more likely to orgasm when they engage in a variety of sex acts and when oral sex is included.”

Now, keep in mind that many men fail to take their sexual performance seriously…and I’d argue that my students are far above those averages when it comes to making their women climax during sex.

However, this topic is something I’ve decided to address in detail because there are, in fact, advanced techniques for performing oral sex just as there are for penetrative sex.

And up until now, it’s something I’ve wrongfully neglected.

Well, this article will correct that mistake for the record…and now I’m excited to bring you:


1. Detailed “how-to” diagrams for three unique oral sex techniques

2. Two illustrated charts with manual stimulation (fingering) techniques

3. A new “Advanced Sex Position” designed specifically for oral sex [fully illustrated]

4. The biology behind the various cunnilingus-driven female orgasms

5. Specific, step-by-step instructions on motion, tempo, & intensity

Let’s get started…

What’s going to surprise you is that the first step to Advanced Oral Sex Mastery doesn’t involve your mouth at all…in fact, it’s a fingering technique that’s designed specifically to arouse her for oral sex.

During your late-phase foreplay — when she’s fully undressed — you’re going begin moving from her breasts to her stomach with your mouth, kissing her intensely and creating anticipation for what’s next. She’ll think you’re going to start right in with the cunnilingus…and that’s the whole idea! But when you arrive at her vagina, you’re going to stop the kissing and do some work with your hands.

ElectricSlideFingering Technique #1:
The Electric Slide (Fig. A)

Here, I’d like you to refer to Figure A. Once you’re sure she’s very wet from the foreplay, you’re going to reach down with your dominant hand. Grab the outer lips of her vagina, her Labia majora, between your thumb and your forefinger. Using her natural lubrication, squeeze the lip between your fingers — gently at first, then with more pressure — and slide up and down. Do this on both sides of the vagina, and also try it on her inner lips, her Labia minora.

Eventually you’ll be doing this motion, slowly, on both sides at the same time. Most likely she’s never had anyone do this before, so this motion may surprise her at first…but very quickly she’ll realize what she’s been missing. “The Electric Slide” will send bolts of pleasure through the nerve endings at the tips of her labia, and she’ll want you to keep sliding and sliding…

FullShammyFingering Technique #2:
The Full Shammy (Fig. B)

Right now, refer to Figure B and take a moment to get your dominant hand into that shape. Extend your middle & ring fingers, pull back your forefinger, and tilt your pinky downwards. As you get this hand ready, reach around with your other hand and firmly hold onto her ass (OR, reach up and tweak one of her nipples). 

Then, insert your middle & ring fingers into her vagina and position your thumb right on her clitoris. Begin thrusting gently. As you thrust, pull your two fingers back toward you in a “come here” motion. You’ll feel the inside wall of her vagina and you’ll be hitting her G-Spot. Rub circles on her clitoris with your thumb while you do this. Finally, aim your pinky finger for her anus…and if she’s into it, gently start probing it.

When “The Full Shammy” is fully executed, you’re hitting three of the major pleasure zones at once: the clitoris, the G-Spot, and the anus. It’s this layering effect that produces the most intense female orgasms.

Now she’s finally ready to get some oral sex.

Here, then are my Top 3 Oral Sex Techniques, the best patterns of tongue movement during cunnilingus.

Sidewinder1) The Sidewinder (Fig. C)

This is a great starting technique because it allows you to move fast yet gentle. If you “attack” with too much pressure right away, many women can become overstimulated to the point where it’s almost uncomfortable for them (the clitoris has over 6,000 nerve endings!). So, when you approach her vagina, the 1st oral step should be a delicate side-to-side motion, as in (Fig. C).

You’re going to focus on her clitoris, but again, the key is very light pressure. You can flick your tongue side to side rather quickly…especially if you keep the range of motion small One of the principal rules of performing oral sex is that rhythm matters. Pick a tempo and stick with it — keep it light, fast, and steady. You’ll feel her body shift suddenly to a more intense state…her legs will stiffen, her breathing will become faster, and she’ll start lubricating even more. This means she’s relaxed enough to let a full orgasm wash over her…but there are a couple more steps before you’ll allow her to get there.

CircleOfEcstasy2) The Circle of Ecstasy (Fig. D)

Essentially, as you can see in the diagram, this is a technique of rotation. You can choose to move in either a clockwise or a counter-clockwise motion — whatever is more comfortable for you. Transition from “The Sidewinder” by staying on the clitoris, but intensify the pressure slightly. Flick the clitoris with your tongue and apply a gentle suction.

Then, begin the circular movement of your tongue. At first, locate it directly over the clitoris…but then start to expand outward, making bigger and bigger circles. Move your mouth down toward the lower part of the vagina, and continue the circular pattern over different areas. Again, try to keep the rhythm consistent…women need a constant speed so they can focus on their orgasm. Changing tempo when they’re approaching orgasm can completely throw them off course — and when this happens, they have to “start over.” Escalate the pressure and increase the speed very gradually as you feel her getting closer to orgasm.

SwedishMethod3) The Swedish Method (Fig. E)

[The Swedish Method? Let me explain. Many years ago I dated a girl from Stockholm named Astrid…she loved oral sex almost more than any other woman I’ve ever known. It was with her that I developed this whole series of techniques in sequence and I thought it was a fitting name for this closing move.]

Start with your tongue at the top of her vagina, right on the clitoris. Then, as you see in Fig. E, lick downward all the way to the bottom — a very long, slow stroke — and right back up to the top again…and repeat. Use a steady and slow rhythm, and apply quite of bit of pressure (depending on her sensitivity). You’ll feel tempted to “shorten” the  motion, but resist that urge and make sure every stroke goes the full length from the clit all the way down, almost to the anus. [NOTE: If it feels right, go all the way TO the anus.]

As you become more confident with this pattern, start experimenting: suck on the clitoris, penetrate into her labia with your tongue while keeping the up & down motion going.

When you feel that she’s very close to orgasm, this is where you bring your fingers back into play. Focus on her clitoris with your mouth, and use your dominant hand to create the shape in (Fig. F)…it’s very simple and it’s designed to penetrate. She’ll be literally soaking wet by now and if you’ve done everything right, your fingers will slide in effortlessly. Start thrusting and pull back on your fingers to hit her G-Spot again. Keep your tongue in motion on her clit, and sync the thrusts of your hand with the tempo of your tongue.

At this point, she’s getting the “layered effect” in full force: clitoral, G-Spot, labia sensation, and anal stimulation. The key is, keep your tempo consistent & steady and DON’T STOP. She will reach an explosive, body-shaking orgasm at this point…the only question is: how many orgasms will she have?

Finally, I’ve promised you a new sex position and it’s the final detail to this comprehensive system of Advanced Oral Sex.

One of the biggest obstacles to performing the kind of long-form oral sex techniques I’ve outlined in this system is this:

It’s often very hard to get into a comfortable position that doesn’t put tremendous strain on your neck while you’re performing oral sex…especially for the longer periods of time it takes to get through all the phases in this advanced system.

That’s why I’ve come up with this unique position for oral sex…I’m calling it: THE WORKMAN’S BENCH.

Why? Because this position allows you to sit down, get comfortable, and just go to work on her vagina for an extended period of time without straining your neck.

Take a look at the diagram…it’s fairly self-explanatory but I think you’ll agree this position puts you in the perfect spot to really try all the techniques I’ve outlined in this system.WorkmansBench

“The Workman’s Bench” can be the kitchen table, a desk, a counter-top…anywhere she can sit down and you can pull up a chair and just get to work! In fact, if your bed is elevated — as most are — she can sit on the edge of the bed and you can sit on the floor with your legs underneath…or perhaps use a pillow to elevate yourself to the correct level.

Use your hands to hold onto her ass at first, but ultimately I’ve found that most women will end up wrapping their legs around you at some point. As long as you can breathe, you’ll be able to enjoy the session…and your neck won’t be warped for weeks afterwards.

The rewards of putting in this kind of “work” with your girl are never-ending.

First of all, you get to experience her having a truly body-moving, mind-blowing, overwhelming orgasm…at least once, and most likely more than once, as woman are highly multi-orgasmic during oral sex.

And additionally, she’s likely to be so grateful for the experience you’ve given her that she’ll repay the favor.

Great sex is its own reward, as you know…and this “Multi-Layered” System of Advanced Oral Sex can honestly take your sexual relationship to a deeper level.

I thank you for you time and hope you’ve enjoyed this report.

As always, please leave me a comment on this blog below to let me know what you think after you’ve actually put these techniques to use. You can also email me at and I’ll do my best to reply directly to each of your messages.

Write me with questions about this or any other of my Advanced Sex Positions, write me with concerns you may be having in your sex life or relationship, questions about PHGH or any of my other premium male enhancement supplements, or really just write to me about anything you want to discuss.

For Your Health,

John Lawrence

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