The Mystery and The Power of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is one of the key ingredients in my unique formula for PHGH.  I’ve spent years tracking down the highest-quality Tongkat extract I could find, and I want you to know the reason why it’s such a big part of my formula.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tongkat Ali…

E. longifolia trees in the rainforest.

I use only Tongkat from its native region in SE Asia.

Eurycoma longifolia is the scientific name for this small, evergreen tree which is native to Southeast Asia.  It’s used as a traditional remedy for multiple health issues, including high blood pressure, fever, and fatigue.  But the real power of Tongkat Ali is in its use as a sexual enhancer.  It has been used by men for centuries to give them powerful erections, greater sexual stamina, and increased sexual desire.

The indigenous people of Malaysia have a legend about this potent root which explains the origins of its name.  Many generations ago, there was an elder of the tribe named Muhammad Ali (a very common name in Malaysia) who was probably in his 80′s or 90′s.  One day he went deep into the forest by himself to hunt, but he became lost in the dense jungle.

Tongkat Ali Root.

How has this root transformed the sex lives of millions of men?

On the brink of starvation, Ali desperately chewed on a branch.  Suddenly, he felt his strength return and he was able to find his way back to the village.  He carried with him the mysterious root that had given him the stamina to make it home.  Once back in the village, he discovered that this root gave him a tremendous surge of sexual desire and power.  He shared this secret with the other men of the village, and they named it Tongkat Ali…which means “Ali’s Stick.”

Although Tongkat Ali flourishes all over Southeast Asia, the roots found in Indonesia are well-known to contain the most potent compounds for sexual enhancement.  For this reason, I use only Tongkat roots from Indonesia in my formula for PHGH.

The Tongkat Tribesmen of Indonesia.

These Indonesian Tribesmen proudly display their virility and sexual potency, the result of daily Tongkat use.

Over the years, I’ve developed a close relationship with a supplier in Jakarta who works with indigenous men in three small villages in North Sumatra.  These are the men who harvest the Tongkat roots which ultimately find their way into my unique formula.

In Indonesia it’s called Pasak Bumi, which means “firmly nailed to the ground.”  The name is a reference to the fact that these roots run very deep…up to 6 1/2 feet.  This makes it difficult to harvest, but to this day the local tribesmen do the harvesting by hand to avoid damaging their sacred forests.

The concentration of active ingredients is highest in the roots, and my formula uses only extract taken from the root.  Also, the tribesmen my supplier works with will only harvest roots from trees that are at least 10 years old.  Only plants this old are considered potent enough by the tribesmen to be used for their sexual power.

Just one stage of my exclusive extraction process: the roots are chipped into pieces.

The roots are washed, dried for one month, and then chipped into small pieces.  These chips are soaked in water for two days, then boiled for about an hour.  There are NO chemicals added to this process at any stage.  The soaked water, now rich with the compounds of the root, is then evaporated in a 3-day process.  The evaporation produces crystal-dry flakes, which are then milled into a powder, sealed in air-tight containers, and shipped immediately to my lab for use in my capsules.

This is my exclusive extraction process, and it’s a big part of the reason why my supplement is so much more effective than most other products.  Many of my competitors use a very cheap, powdered version of Tongkat which contains only a fraction of the potent compounds that actually work to increase libido and enhance sexual performance.

What are these compounds and how do they work in your body?

Tongkat Ali has such a powerful effect on your sexual performance because it contains “glycoproteins” which increase the single most important hormone in the male body: Testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone which gives you every male characteristic: increased muscle mass & strength, a deeper voice, facial hair, etc.  But most importantly, Testosterone is critical for everything that has to do with sex:

  • It’s necessary for sperm development.
  • You cannot get an erection without it.
  • It’s almost entirely responsible for your sex drive, or libido.

In other words, if you have ZERO sex drive and you can’t get hard, it’s because your T-levels are too low.  It’s absolutely essential to address this issue first.

Compounds in Tongkat stimulate the Leydig Cells to produce Testosterone.

Compounds in Tongkat stimulate the Leydig Cells to produce Testosterone, the most important hormone in the male body.

What Tongkat Ali actually does at the biological level is to stimulate your body’s own production of Testosterone in the Leydig Cells of the testicles.

There are two important clinical studies which provide real evidence that Tongkat Ali extract increases both testosterone and sperm count in males:

  1. A 2009 study done by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University Sains Malaysia on male rats determined that an extract of E. longifolia significantly increased the plasma testosterone level when compared with the control animals.
  2. A 2010 study by the Dept. of Physiology at the University Kebangsaan Malaysia found that male rats treated with E. longifolia exhibited much higher sperm count and sperm motility than the control group.

Now, the Tongkat Tribesmen of Indonesia don’t know the science behind Tongkat Ali, and the truth is…the don’t really care.  All they care about is the fact that it works.

And honestly, that’s also the reason I’m such a big advocate of Tongkat Ali: because it worked for me and for countless other men I know.

When I was personally struggling with erection problems, I tried almost every herbal product I could find that was supposed to help.  Many did nothing at all.  Some helped a little (but not enough to re-start my sex life), and a select few actually got me the results I needed.  Tongkat Ali was one of the very best: I felt a surge of sexual desire and got FULLY hard within hours of taking some potent Tongkat.

But I quickly realized that the quality of the product made a huge difference.  As I became more deeply involved in developing the perfect male enhancement supplement, I decided to go to the source for as many ingredients as possible.

Three years ago, I travelled to Indonesia for the first time in the search for the highest-quality Tongkat Ali on Earth.  I had already made a contact in Jakarta who had arranged to guide me to one of the villages in North Sumatra where raw Tongkat root is harvested.

The Village of Lingga where I stayed and harvested Tongkat Ali in the traditional way.

The Village of Lingga where I stayed and harvested Tongkat Ali in the traditional way.

The village of Lingga is inhabited by members of the Batak tribe, and I have never met a more hospitable people.  They welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to stay with them for two weeks.  I developed a close bond with the patriarch of the village, a man who was at least 80 years old named Sapto.  I journeyed with Sapto and the other men deep into the jungles everyday to harvest the Tongkat root.

Most of the other men were half his age, but Sapto outperformed them every time in terms of strength and stamina.  When I asked him how he did it at his age, he simply smiled and took a bite out of a freshly harvested Tongkat branch…just like Ali did centuries ago when he was lost in the jungles of Malaysia.

Sapto, like every other man in the village of Lingga, consumes Tongkat root every single day of his life.

Ultimately, Sapto himself gave me the very best proof of the true power of Tongkat Ali.

Sapto’s first wife had died several years earlier, but he was re-married to a beautiful young woman…she was maybe 30 years old, probably even younger.  I slept in a small “cabin” right behind Sapto’s home, and I can tell you for a FACT (based on the sounds she was making at night) that his wife was one sexually satisfied woman.

Sapto had taken Tongkat Ali for his entire life, and he was living proof that it works.

The men in the village of Lingga are still the ones harvesting the Tongkat root I use in PHGH to this very day.  They do it the very same way their ancestors did, and that’s important to me.  I continually test the quality of all my ingredients, and the Tongkat extract I get from Indonesia consistently ranks higher than almost any other supplement on the market.

Tongkat Ali is just one of 5 essential herbal ingredients in PHGH, and I’ll be bringing you detailed information on every one of them in the very near future.

  • If you want harder, bigger erections…
  • If you want to be able to last longer in bed and have intense sexual stamina…
  • If you want to be able to quickly recovery after orgasm and be ready to go again…
  • If you want the kind of powerful sex drive you had in your early 20′s…
  • If you’re interested in having the best sex of your life…


For your health,

John Lawrence

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