The Real Sex Lives of Cavemen (and Cavewomen!)

0909-cavewoman_atHistory truly inspires me.

From Ancient Rome to World War II to the Middle Ages…there are amazing stories and lessons to be learned from every era.

Recently, I saw a powerful documentary called “Cave of Forgotten Dreams.” It’s all about the discovery of some of the oldest cave paintings known to man at the Chauvet Cave in southern France.

It got me to thinking about the way prehistoric humans really lived: what they ate, their natural medicines, their rituals…and how they had sex.

So, after the movie was over, I did some more research into ancient cave paintings. It turns out these works of art actually tell us more about the real lives of cavemen than any old bones or artifacts.

I kept digging until I found what I was looking for: a prehistoric cave drawing depicting the sexual behavior of Paleolithic men and women.

This Paleolithic cave drawing depicts a rear-entry sex position and illustrates the importance of great sex in ancient cultures.

This Paleolithic cave drawing depicts a rear-entry sex position and illustrates the importance of great sex in ancient cultures.

And here it is…

This painting was discovered in the mid-1990’s at the Magura Cave in Bulgaria. As you can see, the male penis in the image is clearly erect and rather large. This represents the tremendous importance of male virility in this ancient culture. In MOST hunter-gatherer societies, in fact, humans were very open and natural about sex.

In the picture, the man approaches the female from behind, both of them standing. This illustrates a crucial point that anthropologists have proven about prehistoric sex…

…it was almost ALWAYS Doggystyle.

Or, actually…some kind of variation on Doggystyle such as the standing rear-entry position seen in the cave drawing above.


The bonobo, our closest relative, is the only other animal that has sex face to face besides humans.

The bonobo, our closest relative, is the only other animal that has sex face to face besides humans.

Every other mammal on Earth – with the exception of the bonobo, our closest relative – only has sex in the Doggystyle position. Researchers believe that human beings also only had Doggystyle sex until very recently. The face-to-face (or Missionary position) evolved about 80,000 years ago as a way for men & women to develop a deeper emotional connection…which was useful for raising children.

The standing rear-entry position was also useful 35,000 years ago because it allowed men & women to have sex almost anywhere: in the forest up against a tree or at the lake on rough terrain. Paleolithic humans, of course, didn’t have comfortable bedding to lay down on…so it was often preferable to have sex standing up.

I realized that there was something almost primal or animalistic in the fact that Doggystyle is the original sex position. It’s certainly the favorite among most modern women and that’s because they’re the most orgasmic in rear-entry sex.

I decided to put together a sequence of Doggystyle variations designed to bring out the inner beast in both you and your woman. I call this position “The CAVEMAN”…what else?
CavemanFigure1Take a close look at Figure A above. All kinds of sexual possibilities open up with this position. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that this position can be used anywhere:

  • in a public bathroom stall 
  • in an airplane 
  • in the kitchen 
  • in the office supply room 
  • in the woods on a hike (just like our ancient ancestors used to do.)

Now, not all women are sexually submissive and the ones who do like it don’t want it every time. But most women LOVE to be taken from behind…they love to be overtaken with sexual authority. On a deeper level, it pulls them back to their instincts. And that’s right where you want them if your goal is to absolutely blow her mind sexually.

As Figure A indicates, you’ve got your hands free to explore her body. You can still kiss her in this position and you can definitely talk dirty to her, right into her ears.

When you’ve got her really warmed up in this position, the next step is to move her into an even more advanced Doggystyle variation. Take a look at Figure B…

CavemanFigure2To get her into this power position, grab both of her arms by the wrists and gently pull them back toward you. At the same time, thrust deeper upwards…this will naturally bend her forward so that her head is tilting downwards.

If you can, hold onto both of her wrists with one hand. This will free up your other hand to reach into her hair at the base of her neck. Intertwine your fingers and gently pull her head back. She’s overpowered and dominated…and for this sexual session, she’s totally out of control and in your power.

“The CAVEMAN” can bring out her sexual instincts in a way she may never have experienced before. Let her express her wildest desires, even if that means she’s screaming at the top of her lungs and begging you to penetrate deeper & deeper, harder & harder.

History…without it we have no identity. One of my priorities with PHGH has always been to connect to the plant medicines that ancient cultures have used for ages to enhance sexuality. These roots and herbs reflect cultures where sex is a natural and healthy part of life in a way that seems foreign to us Westerners. These positions allow you to explore deeper levels of sexual fulfillment.

Use this position and the others posted here in the Tips category of this blog.

Then, write me at to tell me how they work for you and your cavewoman!

And last but not least, keep you supply of PHGH stocked up and on-hand to make sure you’re at the maximum hardness & size needed to accomplish these challenging yet rewarding positions! Click HERE to order more or to get more information on my signature product.

For you health,

John Lawrence

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      Just reading the caveman article A & B was a real turn on. Great sex tips.

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