The Worst Supplement SCAMS

Listen up! I’m probably going to piss off some people in the industry with this email… but it has to be done.

I’ve had ENOUGH of these over-priced supplements promising instant sexual perfection and permanent inches to your erection when in fact the products are COMPLETELY worthless!

The rotten apples in the male enhancement industry are pushing things like “natural” enlargers that are anything but natural and “massive erection makers” full of semi-legal steroids… and it is more than simply annoying.

It’s just plain wrong, and sometimes even dangerous.

Seriously, enough is enough!

Look, I’ve been that guy with kitchen counters overflowing with useless pills and powders, and I’ve wasted more money on useless crap then I care to think about. In fact, when I was working in the adult film industry I tried EVERYTHING.

But I am much more experienced now, and hopefully I can save you some time, money and frustration by steering you away from the mistakes I’ve made so you don’t fall victim to these same scams.


Scam #1 For Pills Taken Prior to Sexual Intercourse


Overall I love a QUALITY pre-sex pill because you get what you need when you need it… but have you ever taken the time to look over the list of ingredients in most pre-sex supplements? It’s almost as long as your forearm… and the list of side effects (when you can find them) are usually even longer.

Let’s think logically here… even if the pill has all the right ingredients (and speaking from experience they usually don’t) the dosages are almost always wrong. It’s simply not possible for all those ingredients to elicit the claims they are making at the doses they recommend.

And if you think it’s because they are ‘ultra-concentrated’ that is nothing more than a marketing gimmick to sell more pills. There is nothing super concentrated about it!

The one thing you can be sure of from these over-priced, “ultra concentrates” is you’ll get a ton of worthless additives with very few sexual benefits.

But there are one or two pre-sex pills out there that go beyond the cheap, crap that is flooding the market. And if you want to ensure real results… make sure you choose a pre-sex pill that has a short list of proven ingredients (less than 10 is usually a good rule of thumb), validated dosages, and most of all… never trust any company that isn’t willing to take their own supplements.


Scam #2 For Pills Taken Daily as Maintenance


Don’t be fooled by all the ‘new forms’ of sex pills that supplement companies are hawking as the latest and greatest. Not only are they not clinically proven to do anything… most of them don’t even exist!

That’s right. They are either selling you sugar pills that do nothing (while hoping for a placebo effect) or they are binding harmful chemicals to poor grade existing extracts to make them absorb faster.

But is there really any benefit to that?  The answer is NO.

Numerous studies have shown the body best assimilates high quality herbal extracts. In fact, majority of supporting clinical research for PHGH was performed on simple herbs (and extracts) from superior sources.

And although unethical supplement companies will try to convince you otherwise… the only thing you will find in these ‘superior’ products are unnecessary binders, experimental combinations, chemical derivatives, and 3rd world herbs from places that would make you throw up if you ever visited. [Be especially wary of methyl-parabens.]

So unless you have money to burn and don’t mind wasting time, stick with the tried and true forms of daily male enhancement… which are simple supplements built on a foundation of strong herbs. And remember that companies that use higher quality ingredients are almost always going to produce safer, purer, and more potent supplements.


Scam #3 Pills Taken Daily for Testosterone Optimization


Testosterone is the center of everything male… and is the ‘King’ of sexual intensity and performance.  It also plays an important role in muscle gains, physical stamina, sexual energy, and your lasting power in the bedroom. Without it you can forget about ever achieving your highest possible sexual potential let alone maximizing your erection size.

Most testosterone boosters do not contain enough clinically proven ingredient doses, or mislead you by promising results that they simply can’t deliver with the ingredients included.  There have even been a few companies that spike their formulations with dangerous and illegal pro-hormones and weak steroids, attempting to boost your testosterone the unnatural way!

The best way to go with a testosterone booster is to look for a pill that does not try to do too much too fast. Building a proper hormone balance takes time, and isn’t like a pre-sex pill where you can pop it and then be ready to rock and roll. You have to take it daily for weeks to get the best optimization and results.

And remember that the best daily testosterone enhancers come from primarily herbal and mineral ingredients rather than steroidal… because there are plenty of ways to boost testosterone that don’t put your long term health at risk.


Scam #4 Pills Taken Daily to Enhance Recovery After Intercourse


Unlike what the name implies, you don’t take this one right after sex. These are daily pills designed to reduce your down time after you orgasm… and they definitely have a place in a serious male enhancement supplement regimen.

And the reason is simple… to get you back in the sack again (faster).

However, the price of male enhancement supplements in general has gone through the roof! This has resulted in supplement companies playing dirty little tricks to cut corners, save money, and still turn a huge profit… all while providing you something that does little to nothing!

The end result – an inferior, low-quality product loaded with unnecessary ingredients (to make them seem more complex and effective), and bulked up with synthetics that leave you with nothing more than a lighter wallet!

You need a premier supplement produced in a cGMP facility (preferably NSA certified) that is regulated by quality assessment authorities so that you can be sure you are getting exactly what is on the label.

And as a rule of thumb, make sure that whichever recovery supplement you choose has five or less primary ingredients to ensure that it is simple enough to be effective while maintaining a proper concentration level. You don’t need much for a quality post-sex recovery pill, but you need it to be high grade and effective at what it does.

So next time you are going to purchase some male enhancement products, take a little time to go over the 4 scams to avoid when a powerful libido and greater erection strength results are your end goal.

Click this link to learn more about how PHGH blends quality manufacturing with top grade ingredients to produce a product that ACTUALLY works.

Because unlike my competitors… I am not in this business for the money… I’m on a mission to improve the sexual health of every man alive. And I personally take my own product daily.

To your results,

John Lawrence

16 comments on “The Worst Supplement SCAMS

  1. Islander on said:


    Thanks for the warning!

  2. Kerry on said:

    If your product is so promising! Why don’t you send samples to everyone? Imean everyone else has commercials on male enhancement but you. This is also the reason men & women go to GNC for that kind of product that you clam to be great! Look, everyone looks to be the best at what they can do for Love, and as we get older thats just a part of LIFE. Sure everyone what to have a great sex life, i hope! Your product sounds great but c’mon. P.S. you write good storys. Thanks Kerry…………..

    • John Lawrence on said:

      Hey Kerry,

      I love to send samples to everyone.. but the truth is I just can’t afford to do that.. Ha! As for the commercial, those also cost big bucks too.. and you know who’s paying for it? The suckers who buy the $98 bottle of male enhancement pills they advertise. Don’t be trusting those commercials. I know for a fact there’s absolutely nothing they could put in a product that justifies charging $98 for a one month supply of pills.


  3. David ng on said:

    Yeah I did tried few male enhancement products previously n the last I tried is VimXX,it had totally no effect at all with all the promising improvement on growth I didn’t even see half an inch growth at all, I have given up on all male enhancement product but when I read abt PHGH, I told myself lets give it a last try as I really have ED problem of staying hard during intercourse or premature ejaculation and I bought the three bottles promotion and this is my first bottle and I hope I can improve more as I go on with it .

    • John Lawrence on said:

      Hey David,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with VimXX. Those “growth” pills get a lot of guys. First there’s no pill that will make you permanently bigger like many claim. These pills give you harder erections and the increased hardness is where the size gains comes form. And usually when a product claims size, their formula is complete garbage – usually just powders that don’t have the potential to do anything. Try PHGH, if it’s hardness you’re looking for, you may be pleasantly surprised with PHGH.

  4. Louie on said:

    John, started taking PHGH bout 1 month ago, 2 weeks ago, had my first SEX in 6 years, I was not randy as 20 Yr. Old but was able to finally work it in. WOW.I am not that Old 62, But have been on meds that destroy sex ability for a long time. Hoping that it will get better the longer I take PHGH.
    Thank you

    • John Lawrence on said:

      Hwy Louie, Glad to hear it’s starting to work.. Keep taking PHGH, it’s worked for a lot of men and there’s a very good chance it keep getting better for you.

  5. Gordon Woolley on said:

    I was ready to give up but saw “realism” on your site and NOT crazy promises. I will report back after giving it a few weeks. I am quite fit for 72, and my urologist is taking care of the Testosterone side, and he is very holistic and conservative, but believes HEALTHIER men to be a good goal. He doesn’t automatically write Viagra prescriptions anymore, as he feels there is a better more natural way, though, even as a urologist, writing V prescriptions would make him rich.

  6. Jim w on said:

    I have tried a few products like nuwlai (which doesn’t work) but since I have tried PHGH the results are incredible in less than a week I have seen great results I am finally getting erections which since I reinjured my low back I haven’t been able to achieve until I started using PHGH I am simply amazed thank you so much for making this product

  7. Oscar ValenzuelaSr on said:

    Hello John, thanks for this detail information about other male enhancement products out there. Personally, I have never tried anything in the past, because my wife has been so understanding all throughout our marriage. But now, I feel the need that I should show her more satisfaction in her sensualiaty that she has missed throughout our 34 years of marriage. I think I can make that difference by taking your product, and I believe it will. Keep it going my good friend. I will keep you posted of new upcoming results. Just started taking this product and I’m on my third day. Have a great day! Thrive.

  8. Albert on said:

    John – OK good start with this article. Being in the clinical exercise physiology & nutrition biz I can vouch that most products contain crap or chemicals unintended. Ive seen olympic athletes fail blood tests due to poor quality coming out of off shore manufacturing facilities.

    This said, Id like to have some specifics on the T stimulation effects comparing Trib versus Fennugreek found in other products. Also, we do need dosing guidlines and I dont see these on the packaging? (for example, I am 6″1′ / 56yr old / 225lb tri athlete and Im sure my dosing is different than the skinny, younger, non-athlete guys out there.)

    Finally, since I am a marketing guy, you’d go a long way if you could put together a study of your own versus the testimonials…yes they are very likely real and honest, BUT they are non-scientific.

    Still researching here, but PHGH is top of my list.


    Albert, MA MS ACSM CSCS

  9. Dana on said:

    Have you had anyone mention any kind of different side affects, also the comment above I was also wondering about , is there a less or more dosage, Depending on what you would like to acheive.

  10. Kevin on said:

    this will be my first bottle…….. you come highly recommended and besides Viagra gives me really bad headaches. I will keep you posted on the results


  11. Gerald on said:

    Look John a lot of guys are in the same boat together but there are not enough oars in the water,yet! You promise the oars required and we want to be there with your help when the boat begins making gains against the tidal flow! Being 75 years old and wanting the ability just to once again experience the flow of blood to the proper areas of our bodies is well worth jumping into the water and pulling the boat with ropes while waiting for the oars to arrive! Believe me, all who read this posting,I don’t have unlimited or unrestricted funds to squander! So I commit to take the plunge & buy John’s product,based on his research & yes, testimonials,(I need and want what he promises)!! You can’t just wait,wait & wait……LOOK IN THE MIRROR MEN….IF YOU ARE NOT SMILING…..DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!……….Put your oars in the water, let’s fight this as a team……at least set a goal!!

    Good luck to US……………GERALD

  12. ole on said:

    thanks good education

  13. MS N.J on said:

    hey guys I’m 48 and PHGH works so well for me I’ve bought 3 more bottles and I haven’t finished the first three great stuff .just keep in mind have a decent diet and follow the directions and you will see this product is true

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