How About a Little Vampire Sex?


Since it’s almost Halloween, I thought I’d show you how to cum like Count Dracula!

Seriously, vampires are freakin’ sexy, right? In fact, they’re pretty much the ultimate super-sexual supernatural beings.

The hypnotic control they have over beautiful young women, the sensual biting of the neck, the sexy clothing, the act of complete submission — the whole vampire mythos is pure, hot sex!

Well, as you probably know, Dracula is based on a real person: Vlad III — also known as Vlad Dracula and Vlad the Impaler. He was ruler of a country called Wallachia, which was next to — I’m totally serious — Transylvania.

And Vlad was one bad dude! In fact, he was such a ruthless leader and killed so many of his enemies — often by impaling them — that some of them started the rumor that he drank human blood.

Well, thanks to hundreds of books, movies, and television shows, the brutal Vlad the Impaler has gradually morphed into the irresistible neck-biter he is today — who always seems to have a bunch of hot babes in see-through nightgowns under his spell.

Yeah, vampires are cool!

And that brings me to another one of my favorite go-to positions — one that really lets me get maximum penetration. And in honor of the inspiration for Count Dracula, I call it Vlad the Impaler.

Vlad the Impaler

The main advantage of this position for you is that it gives you TOTAL dominance and control over your woman. And it gives you maximum penetration power.

And she’ll love it because it gives her clit a good workout — as you slide in and out, AND when you penetrate her to the hilt.

Here’s how to try the Vlad the Impaler position:

Position your “virgin” about 2 feet from a wall. Stand behind her, then bend her over forward until she can brace herself with her hands against the wall.

Next, grab one of her legs and pull it back toward you, then raise it up as high as you can — if she’s limber enough, you can rest her leg on your shoulder.

Now, drive in and out of her HARD until you hear her screams of orgasm!

I know you’re gonna love this one. And there’s no reason to wait until October 31 to try Vlad the Impaler. In fact, I want you to try it out tonight and then leave a comment to tell me how much you liked it.

And as usual, please use the “Comments” section to leave me any of your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions.

Happy Halloween!


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